I was looking arounf for somewhere to take pictures of my snake arm rings, because it’s quite difficult to take a picture of your own arm, and it all went biblical

“yessss, eve, I hazzzz applessss, tassstieee applesieesss. JUssssst wait a few monthsssss for them to grow”

I’ve been meaning to makae a snake arm ring for years, because they’re really common (we’re talking claire’s accesories common as muck common) throughout Greek, roman, and hellenistic jewellery. I’m not really a snake person, but they’re so ubiquitous I wanted one for my outfit. There are some very  fancy gold and garnet jobs with a matching pair of snakes, right down to fairly plain bronze ones. there are also some gormless looking silver ones.

As you can see, I made the gormless snakes.

Mine have stayed a bit wibbly round the edges because I hammered tham out from ingots of scrap silver I melted down. I decided not to refine tham because I sort of liked the wibbly edges.

Little snake was a small 10cm ingot hammered out to 35cm (he’s maybe a little thin though) Big two headed snake was a heavy (130g) chunky ingot who went down to 95cm via six rounds of hammering – big snakes heads were meant to line up, but they sort of don’t. It was hard to tell how long he needed to be, and tbh he was getting a bit too long to handle easily in his flat form, so he stayed the lenght he is

THey’re quite bouncy, so they fit easily onto the bicep – far more easily than the more solid viking arm rings.

~ by opusanglicanum on April 22, 2019.

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  1. Distinctly biblical!

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