Women’s labours, large infill repeat pattern

this was quite boring, and took way longer than I’d hoped, but at least it’s done now

I was quite annoyed when it came to wet stretching this, ok so the soup I’d spilled all over it came out fine, but I’d mistakenly thought I’d be able to stretch it on my small piece of ply. But it didn’t fit, so I had to get Gareth to drag out the seven foot tall piece I use when I’m drawing luttrell fantasies.

If it weren’t for the ugly bias tape on the cut edge it would make a rather nice scarf.

The pattern is from a medeival floor tile

but it sort of looks a bit like the atomic symbol to me, so I’ve been wondering if the ladies are showing thier support for women in alchemy?

I told gareth this and he rolled his eyes at me.

~ by opusanglicanum on May 3, 2019.

5 Responses to “Women’s labours, large infill repeat pattern”

  1. Well worth doing, even if boring to do – it looks very good. I can absolutely see the women-in-alchemy thing, too….

    • I’m going to have a slight delay putting the whole thing together, first because I will ahve to clear the dining room table to lay it all out, and second because I’ve decided I need to go over all 12 panels and write the cats names on

  2. Replace the bias tape with a nicer bound edge? It’s too lovely a piece to languish, that’s for sure.

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