new wallet

Many years ago a made myself a  wallet. It wasn’t bad for a first attempt, but wasn’t brilliant either – more functional than polished. But I liked the kitty design and used it for the last five years.

however, It’s been falling apart a bit since christmas, and I finally got round to wallet mark two.

This time I used a pretty tweed on the outside, which ought to be pretty hardwearing.

It’s the same basic design and layout as mark one, but looks a lot neater because the tweed as an outer layer was considerably more forgiving – I needed more than one attempt to sew the inner and outer layer together. One of the big mistakes I made with mark one was sewing the outer zip with too much overlap – you really have to do it with barely a 3mm overlap.

my favourite thing about the first wallet was the multi-coloured metallic leather lining, which I replicated, but this time i learned from my mistakes and put in an extra, tiny seam to stop the middle section wiggling around.

My very own innovation on mark two was something that every wallet needs – a built in needle case.

I would really love to do one with dragons on, and a couple of other designs as well, but I can only use one wallet, and although I’m happy to use this one, I really don’t think I could make them well enough to sell, so maybe I’ll ahve dragons when the purple kitties wear out.

~ by opusanglicanum on May 22, 2019.

2 Responses to “new wallet”

  1. You can always be planning the dragons while you’re using the kitties..!

  2. Love the needlecase!

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