Boweth down before me ye peasants

for verily, mine bling is blingier than thine bling


It’s a bit subtle and understated that, innit?

Reconstruction of the towneley brooch from the BM, not quite to scale. My second attempt at cloisonne enamel. sterling silver, gold plated, pearls and vitreous enamels.

~ by opusanglicanum on July 9, 2019.

12 Responses to “Boweth down before me ye peasants”

  1. Truly fabulous!

  2. Super-bling – but it’s also exquisite, and the colours are quite subtle aren’t they?

  3. That is definitely first-order bling – and I would guess, a pretty epic project in itself. Gareth doesn’t really “get” medieval taste, does he!

  4. Allow me to prostrate myself before you. That’s Major Bling! (and very pretty, too—Gareth needs his eyes examined)

  5. Wow. (Looks at it a bit more). Wow.

  6. Multiple prostrations before your magnificent blinginess.

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