roman necklaces

two roman necklaces. It was going to be just one, with a double loop in loop chain, but unfortunately the book on roman chains is in american, and the measurements don’t always translate into english, so the loop size was wrong and I had to make single loop in loop, and therefore two chains.

I’m kind of fascinated by the big discs which sit on the back of the neck. Roman ladies wore thier hair up, so these are making a feature of the back the neck, much the same way Japanese giesha outfits do.

Both are gold plated silver. the top one has little garnet beads. I forgot to get the pendant plated on the bottom one (I had to take it out of the assay parcel because they don’t take stones, then I forgot to put it back in at the platers, I shall try and take it next time. The pendants is a green flourite, it was meant to be an emerald – I bought the prefect emerald of ebay, but the hole was so tiny I couldn’t get a wire through it that would have been big enough to support the wieght of the stone.

I shall wear one this weekend with my snakes

And gareth took a pic of some of my recent things for the palters website (it will make a change from taps)

~ by opusanglicanum on July 12, 2019.

5 Responses to “roman necklaces”

  1. The discs may also be intended as counterweights for the weight of the pendants at the front – rather as in Egyptian pectorals..

  2. Hi, don’t know where this email has been but just received on my pc. The necklaces look fab and like you I love the lacey effect of the disc on the back. Too much talent arrived in your DNA, you will never restJ

  3. I absolutely love the pictures and the sentiments expressed, here. Thank you

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