big dye

dyeing for kits and classes, hopefully enough to last the next year, is done

I got some good blacks and decent dark browns, all of which have been quality checked

I had to tip it out on the living room floor to sort it, alsong with the existing stash. and the thoguh occured that this would be an obscene amount of wool if it were just for me, even if I was a knitter, which I’m not. luckily I have a good excuse.

I also dyed a kilo ofspun silk 30/2, for class, because it’s a nice intermediary thread for those who want to move on from wool but aren’t quite ready for filament silk

THere’s also some 16/2 that I ended up getting stuck with when texere went out of business, it’s no use for kits, but I dyed it up and it’s availabel for £11 a hank (100g ish) if anyone wants any

and some silk noil that’s also for sale, £10 per hank (80g)

~ by opusanglicanum on September 3, 2019.

7 Responses to “big dye”

  1. At least, since it isn’t all for you, it will leave the house fairly swiftly!

  2. Is any of the 16/2 still available?

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