luttrell music fantasy finished

Like the others this is roughly two feet by five.


wool on wool, some silk for faces, all naturally dyed

this one ended up getting more modern touches then the other – the subject matter rally lends itself


~ by opusanglicanum on September 20, 2019.

19 Responses to “luttrell music fantasy finished”

  1. So beautiful. Just love it.

  2. It’s wonderful, full of vigour and energy. I’d love to see it in real life!

  3. WONderful! I love this! Thank you for sharing your progress on this amazing piece! [makes me smile!]

  4. Absolutely Bonkersly Beautiful!

  5. Incredible as always. And the modern touches are very fun. ^_^

  6. Amazing! Exhilerating! Rock star imbued! I was about to ask why the grumpy pot middle right with one leg is so irate, but then I realized he wants to listen to his own music. May I share this image with my nerdy mates?

  7. Bloody awesome!

  8. What is the fabric yiu used to stitch on? The piece is quite fun!

  9. Fantastic!

  10. […] basically a tribute band, because they’re the same angels I did as part of the Luttrell music fantasy but re-booted for the online tutorial I just […]

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