The watermill is my favourite pub when in Windermere, they have thier own range of beers, all named after dogs. I was very disappointed when they got flooded out and replaced thier classy pub carpet with little watermills woven into it with a boring generic one. I love pub carpets, the uglier the better -there’s something about the way they seem to be designed to look pre-vomited upon that just amuses me.

Anyway, this one isn’t a pub, it’s an actaul watermill. I think this is actaully the first time I’ve done a building in laid and couched work.

I’m not sure about the white highlights on the thatch, I think they look a bit too much like snow.

As you can see, they been have trouble with break-ins lately, so they had to take measures.

~ by opusanglicanum on October 10, 2019.

6 Responses to “watermill”

  1. Click on the photo to enlarge it after reading the comment about break ins and actually laughed out loud! Awesome.

  2. Love mills. There are two functioning ones in our little county, one to grind corn and wheat, the other I think was a sawmill. (It doesn’t cut lumber now although you can buy cracked corn and corn meal at the other when they are grinding.) Ancestors had a sawmill in Greene County, Tennessee 200 years back, too. So this one is really special.

  3. What a delight – including the Precautions!

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