Vewy bad wabbits

I’ve been trying to get a new kit or two done for the Harrogate knit and stitch show at the end of next month, and I decided I needed bad rabbits

but I’ve also put them in the shop, if anyone wants one before that.

I normally take my handbag embroidery into schools to work on at breaks etc, but decided to put this on a small frame and take it to work with me, because My sewing time at home is taken up with other things at the moment – plus I was doing some crime and punishment storytelling with some year sixes last week, so it seemed kind of appropriate. Children are often interested in my embroidery, but I used this to talk about the dangers of travel by road in the middle ages, and the fact that all medeival rabbits are actaully hares and therefore female also makes this a picture of two women beating up a man.

The whole time I’ve been working on it kids have been more interested than usual. Today, as I was doing a history visit and was putting the final touches whilst the children handled the artefacts we’d been talking about, one particularly sneaky Y3 sidled up behind me while his teacher wasn’t looking, and asked what I was doing.

“sewing” says I

“sewing what?”

“bad rabbits” i says

“is that a movie?”

“hmmm”, I says “I don’t think so, but it sounds cool. I would definitely go and see bad rabbits the movie.”

“me too,” he agrees, and sidels back to his seat.

So if any Hollywood types are reading this, when you make “bad wabbits – the motion picture” myself the and sneaky young gent from Year three would like a large cheque for creative consultancy, thanks.

~ by opusanglicanum on October 24, 2019.

8 Responses to “Vewy bad wabbits”

  1. bad rabbits… do you know the hasenhaus in vienna (it does no longer existm but pictures exist)…

  2. I hadn’t heard the “rabbits are hares and therefore female” thing before! Learn something new every time!

  3. I would love to buy bad rabbits if I can afford it.

  4. Bought. Gareth shut up!

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