viking frock

I made a new viking frock/hangaroc (I have a great fondness for the word frock and like to use it as often as possible)
There really wasn’t anything wrong with the old one, except that it was somewhat dated. The idea of a replica being dated is somewhat ironic, but that are trends and fashions in reenactment as in anything else. My old dress was based on up to date research when I made it twenty years ago, but research has moved on since then.

So my new viking frock, red diamond twill wool with the silk/linen brocade I bought on a whim from Sartor a couple of years ago. I only bought half a metre because I was curious, having never encountered a silk/linen blend before, so this seemed a good enough use for it – I did have some pure silk that was suitable pattern, but it’s also red, this made a better contrast.

It’s not a great fit on the dummy because she’s so old and knackered her sides are no longer adjustable, the screwy bits have gone, but it’s a good fit on me. I’ve been wearing it for a couple of months and realised I’d better get a picture before I slopped something on it at lunchtime. I had been waiting until my new brooches were ready, but they still don’t have pins because I haven’t had them hallmarked yet ( I hurt my back over summer and sitting at my bench was really aggravating it)

I want rid of the boars head brooches, the ears are too pointy and I keep stabbing myself.

I suspect this fabric will be just as hardwearing as the fabric from the old dress, which I intend to recut into a child’s viking kaftan for school use. The old green is the kind of tweed you can wear every day of your life and it will happily outlive you, I’ve worn it a lot the last twenty years and it really doesn’t show, if it fit a bit better I’d be tempted to keep it as backup.

~ by opusanglicanum on November 3, 2019.

6 Responses to “viking frock”

  1. I’m also intrigued by the silk/linen brocade – is it a blended yarn, or linen warp, silk weft?

  2. Just gorgeous!! I bet it is sublime to the touch!

  3. I’m just getting to the point where I’m ready to start weaving wearable (as opposed to home goods) fabric. I was curious about two things: what weight wool did you use to weave the broken diamond twill, and what influenced your decision to use contrasting colours in weft and warp? Always so much to learn! Thanks – and happy New Year!

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