useful things and splurges

I bought these clip on lights for lighting the stand at harrogate, they work off USB battteries, but You can also stick some AAA batteries in which is very handy to clip to embroidery.

but as you can see it’s lightweight enough to clip steadily to tight fabric.

The light is pretty bright, so I had to take the pic with it switched off. They were only about four quid on ebay, and I’m thinking of getting a few more so everyone at class can use one, as they’re brilliant for opus work. I’m wondering how I ever managed without one.

I also ordered some handcream because I was curious about the solid format

And as you can see I’ve ended up keeping it in my sewing box. I find working with silk really strips my hands of thier natural oils quite quickly, but my usual l’occitane shea cream is to wet to use anywhere near sewing. This is beeswax based, and it goes on a little greasy but drys fast, so I can use at the start of a session to protect my hands. It’s ideal for me for sewing as you don’t overdo it like you easily can with liquid versions, if you rub it round your hands like you would a bar of soap you only get a tiny bit – just enough.

It smells nice too, I just ordered  two other fragrances to try.

Oh, and I might have just accidentally slipped off the fabricaholics anonymous wagon a teensy bit and bought three metres of this from sartor

It’s one of the gold plated (not lame/plastic ) more expensive cloth of golds they’ve been doing. I hadn’t ordered it before because it was one of the options I gave gareth for christmas presents. It’s supposed to be blue, but gareth and I both think it looks more purpley. The plan is to use the red cloth of gold for a kirtle, with a c15th style sideless surcote of this over the top, with ermine, to create and understated bit of medieval casualwear – you know, to wear with one of my less formal crowns.

But it will be going to stash for now, as this will be next year’s costume project – later this year I’m going to use some lovely black wool satin (which tbh was almost the same price per metre as this, it’s gorgeous quality and I can’t wait to play with it)for an elizabeth woodville dress to match the jewels I made last year (which I haven’t worn yet because they go with a dress I haven’t made yet)

It’s very stiff, though, so when I finally get to it it’s going to be an interesting sew, and it’s bloody heavy – three metres wieghs nearly two kilos.

~ by opusanglicanum on January 10, 2020.

9 Responses to “useful things and splurges”

  1. So glad you have casual – wear crowns, as well as spiffy ones. My kits arrived so I now have a queue of projects. Started on the violent rabbits. Thank you.

  2. I’d like to buy the hounds kit but it’s offering options, regular, brown, pink/purple but I can’t see what these options are in relation to? Sorry to ask here but can’t find a contact on the website.

    • regular is a blue, yellow and orange hound like the pic, brown has the foremost hound in brown instead, and pink/purple ahs pink and purple pups. becuase all my threads are naturally dyed, the dye batches vary anyway, even with one colour, so no two kits are ever really alike (the green can vary a lot in particular) and you might as well have some fun with it

      • Thank you! Having GSP’s I’d better have the brown! 😄

      • my best friend gordon when I was a kid had an english pointer called rebel, who went everywhere with us. Unfortunately the spare bed in gordons room (it was a c12th house that just had four barn sized rooms) was rebel’s bed, so everytime I spelt over, rebel slept on top of me, he was a big bony dog wiht no respect for personal space

      • Yes, my girls are two 30kg lap dogs. Not as boney as EP’s but as ignorant. 😊

  3. This wonderful post has made my day! So excited to find information about exactly the resources that I need! Thank you very much indeed.

  4. I do love the idea of a casual-wear crown, and even more the idea that a purple and gold brocade could be casual wear!

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