There’s a three day over three months at the AShmolean Museum. we’ve called it “discover medeival embroidery” because doscover is the museum’s current corporate buzzword – you can do a project in laid and couched work or a small opus anglicanum project like a face, the choice of design is up to you – I will ahve a couple prepared or you can bring your own.

I’m also trying a one day workshop at a privately hired venue in york. It’s in the suburbs and thus easier for those who drive, but not so far from the central station that you can’t catch a bus

There’s also a one day gilded medieval applique in Nottingam in May, but they haven’t made the link live yet, so I’ll update when they do.

Also an Imc class, but You’d have to look that up on the Imc website

~ by opusanglicanum on February 12, 2020.

12 Responses to “classes”

  1. I would love to come to your workshop in York, but the date doesn’t work for me. Hope that the stars will align in future.

  2. I’d love to do your 3-day course at the Ashmolean but I’m abroad on the first day. Could I join on day 2 instead? Or do you think I would miss too much?

    • where are you based?
      Ideally I’d try and meet up with you for an hour and get you started, then you’d be at the same place as everyone else when we got to class two. At the very least we could agree on a basic design and I’d post you something to try and start on your own (the first bit is the easiest bit). But if you didn’t want to do that I’d jsut try and sort you out a slightly less complicated project so the two days wouldn’t be a problem either way.

      • I’m in London. I have done quite a bit of stitching so I might be ok starting on my own, if you could let me see your designs and I can pick one?

      • I’ll be in Oxford on Saturday 14th of march and can spare and hour if you can make that, other wise once you’re signed up I can send you something. I normally do two or three designs, but tbh don’t tned to do them until the week the before, so if you have an idea of waht you might like to sew (dragon, kitty, dog) let me know and I’ll come up with something for you. I don’t insist that everyone does the same as I’d rahter you work on an image you can connect with

  3. That would be great – I can come to Oxford on the 14th of March. What time would suit you?

  4. Jude has booked the Education studio for us to use, so we can be flexible with the time. Can I speak to Gareth and get back to you – it’s our day out together but he normally wants an hour to himself in the botanic gardens. Is there a time that’s best for you? I’ll email you at the adress that shows on WordPress and give you my mobile number

    • I haven’t had an email from you, and I know some have gone astray recently, so if you’ve sent one and not received a reply, could you re-send it please? Thanks. Amanda

  5. I’ll be coming up by train so any time after 11 would be best for me. It’s very kind of you to give up your day out!

  6. […] can still book on the one year class at the ashmolean if you’d like to learn a little opus for yourself, or even some laid and couched […]

  7. […] are still spaces on the Ashmolean three day class. (I will organise one on one video tuition is we end up having to cancel physical […]

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