I have been very bad at taking pictures of shirts, mainly because over christmas I was so busy I forgot. So I had to dig out all the ones I’ve made for Gareth and take pictures. I made one with naughty ladies on for my dad last week and I forgot to photograph that.

THis is my favourite, which he wore on his birthday last week. It was mostly quilting panels, so i had to cut creatively to make the most of the large images

For once I didn’t put a pocket on because it would have spoiled the front panel with the planets. The pale blue is a reproduction of the handwritten calculations that put the first rockets into space, which I thought was very cool.

Gareth was born in 69, so he really liked this shirt.

The bit above the astronauts which the eagle quote had to be included, so I pieced it into the sleeve.
And I struggled to find buttons until I stumbled across some online, but they only had a few of each design, so I mixed up rockets, spacemen, and UFOs

Ever since I started making shirts for Gareth, I’ve wanted to make him one with DNA on, because his Phd is genetics, but for the last ten years I’ve been unable to find anything, then…

Red isn’t his normal choice for colour, but this fabric is exactly how I envisioned DNA fabric, which the strands in pinstripes.

But it seems that DNA fabric are like buses – you wait ages, then two come along at once.

I really like the green circuitboard fabric trimming that one though. Gareth has always told me he’s not great with computers, then when he was cleaning his dad’s house out last summer there was a pile of 1980s computer magazines, and he admitted that when he was 13 he used to earn pocketmoney by writing articles for them. I now realise “I don’t understand computers” means “I don’t want to fix out ever problem you’re whining about on your laptop”

He hasn’t worn this one yet, as it’s more summery, but I can’t beleive two separate manufacturers produced fabric which is a terrible visual pun on cats and cacti – they are both called “catcus”

The question here is not “why did I buy this fabric” but more, “how could i possibly fail to buy this fabric”

And I finally got to use some cute cat buttons I bought at the button queen before I even met Gareth,

And because he likes a seaside shirt

This one is basically because I liked the fabrics –  knights, pirates and vikings

And finally a very plain one with bamboo, which he’s been wearing almost every day. It was just a cheap fabric from leeds market, but gareth grows lots of bamboo in the garden. he was well impressed because apparently it shows a very rare blue bamboo

That one’s almost innocous

~ by opusanglicanum on February 20, 2020.

11 Responses to “shirts”

  1. Gareth’s a lucky (and now stylish) man!

  2. What grand shirts! And buttons. But, innocuous or not, I think the bamboo shirt is just the ticket.

  3. A least you wouldn’t lose him in a crowd! They’re fantastic! 😃

  4. Gareth has the most fantastic wardrobe!

  5. Love all of these, but the DNA shirts are stellar.

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