Online classes?

I posted this yesterday on facebook as a way of spitballing the idea

So, if the entire world is on lockdown for weeks on end, do we fancy an impromtu online class. I’m thinking two running side by side, one laid and couched work for intermediate level, and a more advanced opus piece, each with a fortnightly update (I’m going to try for a video, an hour of live chat for problems, and a step by step photo tutorial).

There would be a fee to take part, which would cover the tutorials, with the option of either using your own materials to my pattern, or purchasing a kit in addition to the tutorial fee.
Obviously, this is going to be so we can start at the beginning of April, so I won’t have time to finish the piece beforehand, and we’d all effectively be working side by side, so options would be based on initial drawings, and I’m thinking a theme of angels, perhaps for the laid and couched work the trio of musical angels from the music fantasy, and for opus a female angel with a cat and dog by her feet?

I would need a minimum of 12people per class to make it worth my while.

I’m hoping to do both video and pdf, with one to one support via email for both options, and I’ll investigate some sort of live chat as additional support

Kit to include marked canvas, needle, and appropriate threads in each case

For the laid and couched class, beginner/intermediate level, it’s a larger image than my usual kits, so kit and classes(minimum six tutorials)£70?

For opus, kit and classes (nine tutorials)£85?

Let me know if you’re still interested and I’ll put a sales link tomorrow. once I get enough people it will tkae me a week to sort out and makae up the basic kits and post them, then I’ll look to get the first tutorial up at the beginning of April.

So, this would be the image (obvs this is a cropped version, the project will include hands and feet) for the beginner/intermediate laid and couched work online class. The robes will be adjusted a little so two angles will have patterned robes so we can explore alternate techniques.

The modules would be

basics of laid and couched work

trellis couching and pattern

couched outline stitch

split stitch outlines and wings

hands and feet


And this is an artisits impression of the image for the opus class, adadpted from an angel on the bologna cope, I would be stitching along with you on this one, as I’ve used a new to me image

modules would include


two colour shading

three colour shading

ground treatment

animals and dappling

hands and feet


underside couching


~ by opusanglicanum on March 17, 2020.

9 Responses to “Online classes?”

  1. I would be interested

  2. Would it be ok to do both together?

  3. I’d be interested, too. Shall hop over to the shop.

  4. I would be interested too….I haven’t done one of your classes before but I did one of your small kits from your stall at the Medieval Congress. How do I pay & purchase the kit for the online class?

  5. Thanks Tanya, I have bought the kit for £70 ….it’s not completely clear to me if the classes are included or if I need the £40 option as well for the online tuition ?

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