I’m sorry I’m late posting this week. I have more complicated posts with more pictures that I’ve been intending to do for weeks, but I’m struggling to keep up at the moment because Branston isn’t well and I’m really worried about him. We’re sturggling tog et medicine into him today, and he’s too big and violent to try and force feed him, so hopefully he can get a non-virtual vet appointment soon.

In the mean time here’s the frist installemnt of the guthlac roll, which I will post again once I’ve washed and streched it properly

~ by opusanglicanum on April 12, 2020.

12 Responses to “guthlac”

  1. Fingers crossed you can get him to the vet and sorted. No one needs extra worry at the moment.

  2. Really sorry about Branston. Hope you can get him to a vet soon

    • he went for a genral anaesthetic on wednesday, and under is his tongue is jsut ulcers. I’m glad we insisted on a physical appointment becuase the vet at the zoom consult insisted it was his teeth needed cleaning

  3. Best wishes for Branston.

  4. Best wishes and best scritches to Branston.

  5. Love how much attention those horses are paying!

    Hope Branston starts to improve soon.

  6. Gentle hugs to dear Branston. I hope he is doing better soon.

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