sorry I’m being rubbish

but I haven’t got a proper post for you this week.

I did buy a box and tidy all my gold threads into one place though, which turned out slightly embarassing as I hadn’t expected them to fill the box.

I might need a bigger box, my brain wants all the coloured passings. I don’t need them, you understand, I just want them because they’re pretty and it would be nice to have the set.

I also commisioned a dozen of these stainless steel stilletos, the idea was there would be six kept for class and six for students to buy if they needed one. So if anyone would like one pm me

I promise that next week I will try and get my act together – I still haven’t shown you the photos from the stow on the wold workshop!

~ by opusanglicanum on April 18, 2020.

10 Responses to “sorry I’m being rubbish”

  1. Dear Tanya – I enjoy whatever content you put up, so don’t apologise! Glad you got a diagnosis for Branston. Have you tried the cat soup – my two go nuts for it, so I have a couple of boxes stashed for if they’re ever feeling poorly. I am having to type one handed at present as Felix is purring/snoring in my left arm! I know what you mean about completing a set of threads. I’ve just bought a pile of 3 ply twists from Benton and Johnson and am enormously gratified to see just how nicely they fit into the 9″ square boxes that come with 24 free Fr=errero Rocher chocolates! xx

    • branston would happily just eat cat gravy if they made pouches of it. We have licke liks, which he’s gone off, and hopefully we’re getting another delivery of soup soon. trouble is you can guarantee whatever we buy is the flavour he doesn’t like that day

  2. Have you tried him

  3. A cat I had once developed little tumors in his mouth, the vet said from using plastic dishes for his food water. The tumors were removed, I started using ceramic dishes, no more issues.
    I like looking at all the metallic threads too!

    • we have all ceramic dishes, one gets broken now and then, but cats can mysteriosuly go off their food in plastic dishes – the plastic gets scratched, and the scratches harbours germs and odours we can’t sense

  4. I’ve heard about feeding poorly cats – I can easily imagine Branston taking all your time!

    • H’es eating ok now, once he has his medeicine his appetite comes back, it’s getting the meds into him that’s difficult. We’ve been having to take him on a little drive avery day because we can squirt the meds into his mouth whilst he’s distracted by what’s going on outside.

  5. Glad to hear that your feline overlord got a good diagnosis.
    good luck with the catering.

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