not mine again

Apologies, I’m finally getting round to posting pics from the stow on the wold medieval applique workshop

I’ve forgotten whose is whose, apart from the grey kitty which is mine (and there’s one missing, sorry if it’s yours, but the computer just won’t process it)

Also, kasia sent me a picture of her finished demon from the oxford class last year

his name is titivillus, and he’s patron saint of scibal errors

~ by opusanglicanum on April 25, 2020.

6 Responses to “not mine again”

  1. I love Titivillus – what a wicked grin! Some writer friends of mine would love to have him to blame for typos. And I am impressed by you cat-pilling technique. I’d like to see the faces of the police officers if they stop you to ask why you are driving.

    • a barrister friedn of mine reckons it’s medeical necessity and therefore a perfectly reasonable excuse to be out during lockdown. we don’t actaully get out of the car, we jsut trundle round in a ten mile or so circle and try to find a different scenic route every day. I’m sure I drive any other motorists nuts because he like to travel at about 25-30 mph

  2. Titivillus must be a busy boy…!

  3. Titivillus must have been overjoyed when the internet ant texting came in. ai suspect that that is why he is grinning.
    I love the appliques.

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