This one is Gareth’s fault.

He found this image last year and insisted I make it into an embroidery kit.

He says she is curing his chronic mansplaining problem.

I think she is the famous female physician Trotula, doing some early research into the problem.

Of course, given current circumstance, it could also be titled “lockdown, day 39, relationship counseling in progress”

Anyway, she is now a kit, I also did an option for a madder coloured dress instead of orange, in case you need something to distract you from the urge to murder assorted family members during lockdown (it’s therapeutic, innit)

I want to do a pilgrim vagina/vulva now, I definitely feel the urge

~ by opusanglicanum on April 29, 2020.

6 Responses to “This one is Gareth’s fault.”

  1. I think Trotula has at the very least found a permanent cure…

  2. It’s from the bible A favourite story of mine: Joel wife of Heber from the book of judges She put a tent peg through the General Sisera head while he was sleeping in her tent! Got to love it

    Sent from my iPad


  3. Jael wife of Heber from the book of Judges took a tent peg and hammered General Sisera to the tent floor while he slept in her tent. Got to love that sense of hospitality!

  4. Jael wife of Heber strikes again! Book of judges general Sisera has his head pinned to the floor with a tent peg when asleep in her tent!

  5. Damn I never know which techie thing is going to work. No wonder the kids won’t let me touch their computer since the blue screen of death incident. Sorry about the repeated message. Hope you are well. Please keep stitching you are a wonderful inspiration.
    Thank you

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