lockdown dyeing

It’s never just one thing, is it?

I was short of blues, so I thought I’d run an indigo vat (I’m out of woad and the webshop wasn’t trading for woad) and do some blue and greens.

But of course to make green I needed to dye some yellow.

And I thought If I was doing a blue vat I might as well do some compound dark browns and blacks.

But the browns and blacks needed madder and cutch vats as well.

so Instead of a few blues I ended up with this-

First turkish madder, because it seemed a shame to waste the lovely first red on overdying

first regular madder, again, it seemed a shame to waste the first bath

3% madder, because I wanted the lovely useful flash pink that comes from exhausted madder.




compound of, cutch, madder, weld, gallnuts and indigo


six shades of blue

three of green, indigo over weld

And some silks from the same baths, because I had silk lying around

Hopefully these will come in handy if I ever get to teach some classe again

~ by opusanglicanum on May 14, 2020.

6 Responses to “lockdown dyeing”

  1. You have made a lovely rainbow. The silk is such interesting colours too. I am itching to get back to coloured work once I have finished the whitework piece I have been doing for so many weeks.

  2. They look gorgeous! But, yes, tasks like this tend to be subject to feature creep!

  3. Well, I could easily relieve you of some of those. Y’know, in the interests of friendship and helping you out of a sticky situation. 😛

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