birthday shirt

My stepdad, Peter, is 81 tomorrow, so I managed to get a shirt made and posted to him.

Obviously I made him a matching mask from looney tunes fabric (the square kind because the shaped ones look like codpieces), but I didn’t ahve any appropriate cartoon buttons. Instead I used a paw and a bone for scooby and his snacks, a couple of dinosaurs for the flintstones, a spacship for the martian, some carrots for bugs bunny, and a yellow ducky that looked vaguely like tweety pie.

And a couple of weeks ago I made some basic masks and sent them to my dad and Janet. On a whim I made a lace fronted one (with the requisite two layers of cotton behind) because I thought Janet might need an evening look, seeing as she scrubs up ok. But then the next door nieghbour wanted a glamour mask as well, so I made a few more and send them off. Janet is also sharing them with her sisters.

(I won’t tell them the glamour masks are made from elftovers from my naughty lingerie projects if you don’t)

and i made my mother a rainbow sequinned one


~ by opusanglicanum on August 7, 2020.

2 Responses to “birthday shirt”

  1. I am certain that Peter will enjoy his shirt and mask combo!

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