chelles again

I decided to do both ladies, then do both chaps, then do the bird and the dog last, because the bird and the dog look really really fiddly and I’m not particularly looking forward to them.

I am a chicken, but I am an honest chicken

So here is lady Chelles in underside couched gold. (I did post the silk version, I’m sure I did?)

I’m quite pleased with her derpy little face, that looks about spot on to me. Her sleeves did my head in a bit though.

At least her bit of rough doesn’t have complicated sleeves, he’s nice and simple, like most men.

For some reason this silk twill always wrinkles in the working, but when I’ve used it previously it flattens out again once removed from tension, so it should be ok when it’s finished – it looks worse in the photo than it does in reality.

~ by opusanglicanum on October 13, 2020.

4 Responses to “chelles again”

  1. Oh, yes! She has worked up beautifully. Her face, hair and yoke are a nice contrast to the “busy” gold. The sleeves don’t show any sign of a struggle, although I can imagine they needed cursing into existence.

  2. I can imagine how fiddly the sleeves were. I hope the dog turns out easier than you fear!

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