progress on the three living and the three dead

I’ve done more than I expected to in the first week, I’m on my second reel of brick coloured silk already, and I think I’ll probably end up using the third as well. I think I’m just tired, so nice repetetive bricks are just the thing for a weary brain.

the only stress has been the keystone, which I almost left and came back to. I did extensive googling of brick arches. The original thought had been to use a brick keystone, but that seemed a little dull, then I thought maybe one of those nice art deco female faces, then I finally realised it had to be a green man, because the original tale is set in a forest, so the green man is the prescence of the forest in my grimy city setting.

fancy keystones tend to be stone though, which is where the stress came in, because I didn’t want clean new or sandblasted stone, so I chose my colours with a picture of the stonework from Leeds town hall in front of me – proper grimy, soot blackened inner city stone.

he’s very tiny, only just over an inch high, but I think I got the colours about right for the look I wanted. I’m now starting to think ahead to the floor, which is the next stage. I think it has to be cheap tarmac rather than expensive paving or classy cobbles, so my current thought is to use the same very dark grey I’ve outline the bricks with and use very small dapples, which are the standard opus anglicanum go to for stony ground. It will be all one colour, so not too shouty to detract from the rest, and textural rather than colour reliant, which should help to extend the simple frame of the bricks

I think this is a link to my little videos – I’ve decided to do video updates as an experiment


~ by opusanglicanum on February 23, 2021.

2 Responses to “progress on the three living and the three dead”

  1. It’s a very effective grimy stone, I agree!

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