green man again

Oh ffs, they changed wordpress again – and oh, look, surprise surprise, it’s crapper and harder to use.

I pay for this blog, it’s a lot of money and I should be able to post easily.

Anyway, I needed to do a sampler of copper underside passing for the three living and the three dead, because gold doesn’t feel right for that project, so used this. I want to do counterpoint couching but in a brick pattern. but for a classic brick pattern never to have to identicals touching you need four textures, so I’ve done vertical basic brick, horizontal basic brick, triple brick and twill.


And now I can’t use my categories, which make it easier to find things when I want them. fucking shitty arseing wordpress bastards, they’re claiming this is classic editor. it isn’t

~ by opusanglicanum on March 31, 2021.

9 Responses to “green man again”

  1. I hear you, Tanya! I hate it when things are promoted as “ improved” – it’s the new way to alert users that the peoduct is much less user friendly 🤬

    Keep the faith!


    “Keep every stone thrown at you. You have castles to build.”

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  2. Not a fan of the WP “improvements”, either. I can’t point to a single thing that is easier, and many things are either exponentially more difficult, or flat out unavailable. Editing the table-based indexes of downloadable PDFs on my blog is now torture, as in giving up totally on the interface and hand-coding the HTML myself.

  3. Sorry you are struggling. I suspect I will be cursing it myself when I get back to posting (it’s been months since I updated my poor blog!) At least mine’s the free, non commercial one. Meanwhile, that copper background brings out the Green Man splendidly.

  4. He’s very mystical looking. The face reminds me of the Nature God in Hayao Miyazaki’s “Princess Mononoke”.

  5. I like your Green Man – the copper sets him off beautifully. And I entirely agree about wordpress. What is it about software people, that they can never produce an “upgrade” that is a genuine improvement for the people that use their software?

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