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This one is based on the madonna from the Jesse cope. I worked on her last week as a tutorial for lady annes needlework festival with the crewelworkcompany . I faffed a bit with her halo to give her more teachable stuff, but otherwise she’s pretty faithful.

I would encourage you to sign up but apparently they sold out of the class days ago (I only really finsihed her on Saturday)


So anyway, she’s the reaosn there’s been no update on the three living and the three dead

and seriously, I’ve treid three different sized versions of this photo, but wordpress’ shitty new editor won’t let me show the full picture.

~ by opusanglicanum on April 14, 2021.

10 Responses to “Jesse”

  1. How is the halo worked on the cope?

    • ugh, I replied and wordpress didn’t post it for some reason

      on the original cope the halo os simply two big blocks of green split stitching. I upgraded her to an arcaded halo in split stitch (because the arcading allows us to look at layering and more sophisitcated shaping) with a fill of silk underside couching, which is an easy introduction to the stitch before moving on to metal underside in the crown, so it makes a nice smooth learning curve

  2. She’s wonderful! Missed out on the class but hope you will offer her as a class or kit later in the year.

  3. Hi Tanya…so confused…I just signed up for a streamed event…I thought it was your class.  The blurb said the kit and class were sold out but I just booked a pre-recorded class??

    …Is it possible to purchase a kit from you seperately?

    • I’d agreed with the crewelwork company that it would be thiers, so I’d be uncomfortable selling the kit. Best thing to do would be to contact them and ask them to clarify what you’ve signed up for – I know I’m getting extra kits ready for them to sell during the event, so you might be able to pre-order one of those?

  4. Good to know the class is so popular!

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