three living and three dead, laptop boy

He is wearing nike trainers like selfie boy because they were the ones I found with the most recognisable logo on the sole, and his hoodie is also nike because I thought the slogan down the arm was nicely ironic considering what he’s doing.
One of the living had to have ripped jeans because I think one of the aspects of modern fashion which would most confound the medieval dead would be our fetishisation of ripped workwear. He’s meant to be playing candy crush because it was the game I thought had the simplest bold graphic to represent on such a tiny wee scale. 
I have a video as well but I haven’t got round to processing it yet because it’s been a bit of a weekend (combination of Torm, clearing out Gareth’s dad’s place in rugby and my birthday) so I’ll try and get to it during the week sometime

~ by opusanglicanum on June 13, 2021.

5 Responses to “three living and three dead, laptop boy”

  1. He is great. His screen is definitely Candy Crush. I don’t think I am either dead or medieval, but those heavily ripped jeans irritate me. So obviously distressed rather than genuine wear. I am getting old!
    Not much left to go on this piece, by the look of it. I am eager to see the final picture in all its glory.

    • hvae you seen the videos of how they distress them with an angle grinder – it’s actually quite interesting, but tbh I find the ubiquity of jeans very boring and unimaginative.
      theres loads to do yet – the goldwork takes twice as long as the silk!

  2. He’s got a lovely straight back, even if he is wearing silly ripped jeans (I’m with you and Sue on that subject!). And the sneaker soles look very convincing.

  3. I love this one Tanya! He looks to be really into his game but maintaining his posture. Not many kids do! Well chosen gear you have constructed for him.
    They have translated well .

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