New online class – the lady and the unicorn

(and a noisy rabble of assorted woodland creatures)

This is an online course, and the price includes both kit and digital media. There is also a digital only option for those who’d rahter use thier own materials. I’ll be sending out kits to order and the first videos will go out mid-October

It’s an original opus anglicanum design based on assorted manuscripts -the original had the unicorn being slaughtered by hunters but it was too depressing, so I replaced them with the out of tune animal band. It’s still pretty horrific if you listen to what they’re trying to pass off as music though.

Finished project is about eight inches square, so it’s bigger and more complicated than previous classes, hence the higher price, there is also a lot more goldwork in it.

There are 14 videos of varying lengths, plus a pdf to accompany each.
techniques covered include-
trellis couching
basic and advanced split stitch
4different types of animal body
animal and human faces
two types of drapery
basic underside cocuhing
underside couching as part of clothing
patterned underside couching

kit includes –
marked canvas
silk threads
linen thread
3types of passing thread
3 types of needle

you will also need –
fabric pen


~ by opusanglicanum on September 23, 2021.

2 Responses to “New online class – the lady and the unicorn”

  1. I’m reminded of Gaspode the Wonder Dog pointing out that tunefulness was not the point, “you’re supposed to be impressed I can get a sound out of the blasted thing!”….

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