so I bought this lovely tweed at yarndale last weekend

I had originally thought perhaps a frock coat, but with an asymetrical hem created by making the gores from straight squares to emphasise the pattern, but now I’m playing with it and wondering if I should just let the cloth be itself by making a cape – you know the sort of semi tailored cape with buttons down the front and slits for the arms?

Much though I like nice tailoring I find myself more and more leaning towards the idea that beautiful cloth should be allowed to do all the talking. I find myself making simpler and simpler garments – on Monday I took another piece of tweed from the same weaver, made three cuts and a lot of carefull pleats and ended up with a very wearable jacket somewhat reminiscent of an c18th bedgown (I haven’t had a chance to take pics yet but I will)

I mentioned what sort of cape I was thinking of to Gareth and wondered if it was a bit too old lady, but the sarcastic bastard pointed out that I am an old lady – I’m only 50!

~ by opusanglicanum on October 2, 2021.

10 Responses to “hmmmm…”

  1. That is splendid cloth, so give it a bid field to play on. A cape or cloak would be great – and don’t worry, they will be back as the latest fashion before that’s worn out.

  2. I thought you were 51 !!! Cloth is lovely. xxx

  3. I spent most of my life making Native American Regalia, strong and sturdy, to stand up to hours of dancing in the blazing sun and profuse sweating. The last year or so I’ve ventured into the realm of both historical sewing and garment making. Last week, I, too, picked up about 2 and a quarter yards of a really pretty plaid, and a matching linene shower curtain (I’m into recycling when possible). Can’t decide what to do with it, but you do give me an idea. Either a cape or a skirt. hmmm…. If you’re 50 and old, then what is 53????

    • you probably have a very good skillset to use for imaginative clothing, and I bet you can add some personal touches, too.
      That cheeky sod is a full 16 months older than me – and loads wrinklier!

  4. It’s a rather gorgeous piece of fabric. I agree that letting it do the talking is probably kindest to it!

  5. How about a Saxon styled cloak held with a lovely pin (which you can also make). If you think 51 or 53 is old try 74, though that’s not old by my standard!

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