I bought some gorgeous bluegreen tweed at yarndale, with a very unusual 16 shaft weave. It sort of reminds me of oldfashioned parquet floors.

it was only a half width of about a metre, and I bought three with a vague idea to make a lieghtwieght autumn coat because my orange one I made the other year is a bit too heavy for the season.

I decided I needed a day of doing as little as possible the MOnday after yarndale, so I watched a film and started to play with my fabric.

In the end I made four cuts – one across the end, which was then cut in two to make two sqaure sleeve pieces, and two slits in the main body to accomodate the sleeves – the idea being that the rest of the fabric would be pleated and draped around the body. I had in mind the kind of bedgown that originated in fashionable eighteenth century dress but which persisted in the folkwear of the Cullercoats fishwives until ww2

There was much pleating, sewn carefully into place

a symetrical block at the back, with a half set reflecting it at the front.

THe fabric had a beautiful selvedge, so I decided to yse that as the lower hem rather than interupting the drape with a hem

I toyed with different ideas for the collar but in the end I really liked the way the uncut edges hung into a natural collar, so I left it alone. I didn’t bother with a fastening because you tend not to need one at this time of year.

All in all it’s quite minimalist, the idea being to allow the lovely cloth to speak for itself. It was minimalist enough to be easily handsewn in an afternoon, even with thinking time.It’s very comfy. But if I wear it with my red hat it makes me look like a 1950s schoolteacher.


~ by opusanglicanum on October 22, 2021.

12 Responses to “jacket”

  1. That is a splendid shape isn’t it? It is a lovely fabric and the weave is fascinating. (If only it wasn’t wool, so that I could steal it!)

  2. I think you’ve used the cloth beautifully. Totally making the most of its structure and I love how you’ve kept the selvedge.

  3. Wow that is great, looks really comfy and love the material. Take care. xxx

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  4. Cool! I like the way it drapes in the back. I like the front, too. You can pull it up and tuck up nice and toasty if need be. Awesome work!

  5. Gorgeous. And not an inch of fabric wasted1

  6. Well, if he didn’t intend it for a compliment, he should have done. It looks lovely!

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