great wheel spinster

Great wheel spinster from the luttrell psalter. I know it’s two new kits very close together, but I thought I might as well get her ready in time for TORM this weekend, so she’s available in the shop too

~ by opusanglicanum on November 10, 2021.

10 Responses to “great wheel spinster”

  1. I’d love to see a great wheel in operation one of these days!

    • It is really cool to see a spinning wheel working, even more so to sit before one and spin the wool into yarn. I used to do so at the historical society (gloves on to prevent allergic reaction) by in my teens. It was fun.

  2. Oh, boy! This is so tempting, but I am a spinner and a knitter, not an embroiderer. Will have to think a bit.

    • it will be there if you change your mind – I know what you mean, I’m an embroiderernot a knitter, but I do have my fiddle toy wool – thres a scottish range that comes in 80 colours of 10g balls. I never knit anything more fancy than a plain scarf, I jsut like the colours

  3. She is so very beautiful. Sadly, though, I’m in the USA and have no clue how much it would be to order in US Dollars. Pretty sure it would be far too much for my measly little allowance. Bummer, though.

    • postage to the states is horrendous, I have to charge tne quid – I hate doing it but I still make a slight loss on postage, and it’s so sloooooow

      • Agreed. that said, I will continue to enjoy your page here. It’s really awesome how you can design something on cloth the way I do on paper.

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