one of the biggest experimental aspects of this piece was working onto silk velvet, rather than applying the finished piece as a slip. Now the stitching is finished I’m at the peeling stage
There are pros and cons. The biggest pro is that the paper silk top layer prevents pretty much any shedding of the velvet as it’s stitched, the biggest con being that underside couching is particularly difficult on velvet as you just don’t get the same clean hole for couching as you do on linen.

As you can see, I’m starting around the outer edge in case I screw up

~ by opusanglicanum on February 2, 2022.

11 Responses to “peeling”

  1. it looks amazing. be patient!

  2. Maybe it’s getting “lost in translation”. What is “paper silk” and how is it that you “peel it off velvet”? What I am seeing in my mind can’t possibly be right. (I’m trying to figure out how a “paper silk” could be glued to velvet so that it could be peeled off and I can’t get past the idea that any adhesive would make the stitching utterly impossible and make a mess of the velvet.)

  3. It is stunning against the dark velvet

  4. I imagine one of the “cons” is that it’s terribly slow going and anxious to remove what needs to be removed! So glad you are taking it slowly..

  5. That process looks nerve wracking.
    And yes -what is ‘paper silk’?

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