my favourite everyday hat was looking a bit sad because the band had gone all grubby (I’d put the old band on the day I bought it about 15 years ago, so it had a good innings) so whilst wiating for a certain someone to get dressed (I don’t care what people say about women taking forever to get dressed, I’ve never met a man yet who is ready on time), so I refurbished it this morning before going to the flower show

obviously its a silk band

while I was sewing I watched the queen of the south, and now that she’s queen of her own cartel all her minions keep calling her “hefa” which I know is spanish for boss, but I keep hearing “hieffer” and if you call a woman that in these parts you better expect a bit of a Will Smith reaction!

~ by opusanglicanum on April 22, 2022.

3 Responses to “hat”

  1. A very smart titfer!

  2. That’s looking very good indeed. A cheering sight to see!

  3. goes nicely with the dress

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