underside couching

Sorry I didn’t post last week, I was a bit busy dealing with the fact that the police had broken into my empty house without a search warrant, aparently seven dead flies on a windowsill is a good reason to saw someone’s front door in two.

I think not, but am dealing with it, and I don’t wanna talk about it except to say that the only time I’ve been victim of a crime in the last 30 years has been at the hands of the Police!

I am still going to run the rabbit maiden as an online course, but she is a big commitment and I need more prep time, as well as needing time to finish another major project, so I’ve decided to do a shorter course that I’ve been toying with for a while first, so….

A comprehensive masterclass in underside couching.

Session one – basic underside couching in both silk and metal, a look at the direction of stitch.

Session two – troubleshooting common problems, diagonal stitching, triple brick.

Session three – working around irregular shapes, working in narrow channels, interacting with split stitch.

Session four – basketweave pattern, spirals

Session five – counterpoint couching part one

Session six – counterpoint couching part two, another look at stitch direction.

Class will begin in February with videos and pdfs sent out at fortnightly intervals. Kits will be sent out mid-January.

Each student can request a thirty minute private tutoring session at their convenience.

If you want to buy the class as a Christmas present please let me know and I’ll try to send your kit out early.

Kit includes-

marked canvas
silk filament
heavy silk
two colours of metal thread
beeswax (please note Australian students will need to provide their own beeswax due to import restrictions)

students will also need a slate or standing frame.(please note that hoops aren’t suitable) and scissors.

~ by opusanglicanum on November 9, 2022.

2 Responses to “underside couching”

  1. What a truly ghastly experience. I hope it is soon dealt with!

  2. Horrible. Best wishes

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