Alfie again

•February 19, 2018 • 2 Comments

This one belongs to Liz

I love the slight streakiness the dodgy dye has given to the stem stitch body, and it’s lovely to see the same design in different colourways

FReya and the puppy dog dragon

•February 15, 2018 • 4 Comments

I did this little viking image this week. I cartoonified her a bit,(in Gareth’s words the original viking pendant I based her on “had a face like a frog”) but I think she’s sreally rather charming.

There’s also my puppy dog dragon

And I made kits from both. If anyone would like one let me know, they’re the usual £29 each plus post, and include canvas, naturally dyed threads, and instructions.

valentine shirts

•February 14, 2018 • 2 Comments

He’s only getting two shirts for valntines this year, because I’ve been very remiss in my fabric shopping. Need to find some interesting fabric to buy, and soon, the stash is reaching critical levels.

But I made him a wine shirt

which he says he’s going to wear for whining down the pub on Friday, when he has drinkies with this best mate.

And I’m calling this the 80s shirt

The bits that look black on my monitor are actually navy blue.

And I’m very pelased that I finally found a use for the two old fashioned mobile phone buttons I bought in Narch a few years ago…

Not that Gareth would notice unless I told him, the only person who ever notices the special cuff buttons is my stepdad, Peter.


•February 13, 2018 • 2 Comments

did some dyeing, mainly because I needed dark brown for outlines, but somehow I ended up with a gorgeous charcoal instead – I think mainly because my blue vat exhausted really quickly, another couple of blue dips and I think it would have gone browner

From left to right is walnut, walnut and indigo, then three shades of madder and one lonely weld. There’s rather a lot of madder because I made a very weak vat wanting that pale apricot colour which is so fantastic for flesh, but the vat refused to exhaust. There was actually more mid coloured madder but I managed to sell a couple of skiens, which is handy because I’m goign to have to fork out for another ten kilos of undyed yarn soon – it’s the only way to get a decent price.

In the forground is an offcut of charmeuse satin I dipped in the walnut to see what ti would do, and a bit of white tweed I bunged in the indigo vat. I’ve never done cloth in a blue vat before so it was a bit of an experiment, I might use it for the filler panels on the womens labours.

I also dyed some small hanks of como silk for embroidery. I discovered that if you unply como it’s actually filament, and I’ve been doing bits of the angel and a few other things with it, and find I much prefer it to devere’s. I thought it would be nice to give people at class the chance to play with some veg dyed silk. It’s a bit of a basic palette for now, but enough to be getting on with.

The madder overdyed with indigo, (second from the right) is rather pleasing.

angel wings

•February 12, 2018 • 6 Comments

meant to post this a week ago, got distracted

I like the peacocky top half of his wings (even though I suspect it might be an unwarranted promotion to archangel) the flight feathers are going to be couched gold, so I’m doing them last because they’ll go straight onto the velvet background.

I also realised that I cocked up with the bit – it should have been underside couched. I’ll pick it off when I couch onto the velvet and re-d0 it then.

I’ve got him on the frame to do the underside couching on the halo next. The original has rays between the couching which appear to be split stitched silk, and I’m 99% certain there would originally have been pearls round the edge as well. I’m currently uumming and aahing over whether to do the rays in yellow or white.

birthday shirts

•February 11, 2018 • 2 Comments

I promise I will try and catch up with a few posts this coming week, I’ve been most remiss.

But today is Gareth’s birthday, so Breakfast spring rolls are nearly ready (it’s a thing we have) with cake for pudding, and then, given the choice of anything he wants for his birthday, he’s chosen a trip to see early man at the pictures, and an evening in with Endeavour on telly.

He knows how to live it up, that man.

Obviously I made him shirts for his birthday.

You can never have too many gardening shirts, especially when they have vintage flower buttons

There’s a seaside one with skiddleedids (which is the proper name for sandpipers)

And a tasteful cactus one that is his top pick for the harrogate flower show.

Gareth was very impressed with the wrapping paper I found

but suspected there might have been a subliminal message when he realised one of the papers clearly illustrates an anus…

and Trouble is making sure the new shirts smell right

In related news, Gareth announced last week that he now has so many mad shirts he feels he no longer needs to save them for special occaisions, and can now wear them to run errands. So the local butchers are in for a bit of a fashion show – I wonder if I can find some meat print fabric?


•February 10, 2018 • 2 Comments

I’ve been trying to post this for a couple of weeks, but I only just worked how to download it from email.

This is Alison’s lovely rendition of the alfred jewel, done in wool and gold thread (which a not entirely period combination of materials, but I think it’s lovely) Done at last year’s Ashmolean class

Love the shifty eyes!

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