Politician beast again

•May 15, 2018 • 8 Comments

so called because he’s blowing hot air out of both ends – you can chose for yourself which end is Theresa and which is Jeremy…

I have no idea what happened with the blue eyeshadow, they suddenly just insisted upon it. They said something about joining a cross party eightites tribute band, and if you listed very very carefully you can hear that they’re playing the world’s worst cover version of “Karma chameleon”

I reccomend that you don’t listen at all, not unless you want to spend the rest of the day in the feotal position, screaming.

I went into Leeds on errands this morning, and whilst I was in the market buying fish I snapped one of the dragons, because it would be nice to work him into an embroidery sometime

As far as I’m concerned this dragon exemplifies most of what’s wrong with modern civic architecture – there aren’t enough cheeky dragons in it.

BAd kitten

•May 12, 2018 • 4 Comments

after repeated incidents of theft from the large tub of thrive treats (aka stinky chicken), I decanted the contents to a proper tin.

Trubble, however, is not yet discouraged from his life of crime…

Branston, goody two shoes that he is, is just out of shot, growling loudly at the kitten for being naughty

Grateful dead

•May 11, 2018 • 5 Comments

The very early years

Medeival skulls always seem to look more gormless than scary.

nondescript little grey bird of ambivalence

•May 10, 2018 • 8 Comments

He needed a moment in the sun, he’s very depressed and he needs the vitamin D

More music

•May 9, 2018 • 4 Comments

angel bottoms

•May 8, 2018 • 2 Comments

Headless angels?

Heavenly bodies?

The less delightful end of an angel?

also, I’m hoping gareth built the catio strong enough…

It’s not an actaul catio, per se, it’s catio doors on the conservatory, but since the felines think the conservatory was built to be thier personal jungle, it makes no difference. Branston just sits there quietly, communing with Klaus and Sam from next door, whereas Trubble seems to be trying to start an all out war with Bobby from two doors down. However Bobby is your typical bully, he loves picking on Sam and Klaus because they’re peaceable little souls – He’d run a mile if the young yobbo ever got out to make good on his promises, as evidenced by the fact that he sulked for a month the one time Klaus walloped him back.



•May 2, 2018 • 5 Comments

He looks like the piper who is worried about getting paid.

But then again, if you play the bagpipes I suspect that’s a perrenial worry, that and worrying you’re going to be “paid” by having used shoes hurled at you. Which is probably why his side hustle is “piper Sam’s used shoe emporium for monopod rogues”

I’m really liking the contrast of the silk faces against the wool bodies. I’ve used wool for the dark outlines and silk for the flesh, so I think they’re better integrated than the silk faces on the antependium 

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