Christmas shirts

•December 5, 2018 • 4 Comments

Gareth gor two new Christmas shirts on the first. (there was a third, but I think it has to wait until next year because I really didn’t have the right buttons). Both were fabric from Mason in Abingdon, I had an event at watlington a month or so back and unfortunately it finished at twelve so I had time to go shopping on my way home.

At least this rather tasteful black fabric was on sale, so that totally justifies buying it, right?

And it has poinsettia buttons.

It’s almost tasteful, that one. which is more than can be said for the second shirt.

I’d been eyeing these various bauble fabric for a while, but they didn’t really match, colourwise. But then decided that they’re a theme, so the colours don’t matter, and it’s Christmas, so taste doesn’t matter either unless you;re talking about mince pies.

I put tree buttons on, to go with the baubles.

Most are plain green trees, but I put fabulously sparkly (and fabulously expensive, which was why I only bought three)ones on the collar and cuffs. He hasn’t noticed those yet, he’ll think they’re ghastly when he does, but he’s already thanked me for the shirts, so it’s too late now.

I cut out a huge pile of fabric that had accumulated over the year about five weeks back, and since then the short pile in my sewing room has mysteriously expanded, so it looks as if I’m speindg the week before christmas sewing buttons on everyone’s presents.



•November 25, 2018 • 6 Comments

I went to jack green’s the other day to get my great wheel serviced, and took my frame because he said it would take a while. He says the thing she’s playing is called a celeste.

I’m thinking I should have given her black hair, because she reminds me of morena baccarin, she has the same half woman/ half giraffe neck.

Sorry I’m slow posting this week, I’ve been full of cold and genuinly just couldn’t be bothered.

New coat

•November 15, 2018 • 14 Comments

the weather is getting a bit nippy, so I finally got round to/found the courage to cut my new coat from the expensive blanket I bought at the Yorkshire show.

I spent a while trying to figure out the best cut. In the end I went with a rather odd cut that involved only five pieces and is more like origami than sewing. The whole of the body is the width of the blanket, with the collar made from two projecting pieces. The other four pieces are two sleeves and two pockets. The only bits left  were trimmings from the collar as I put it together, I left cutting them until I’d sewn the shoulders and draped it.

Considering that there was a really minimal amount fo sewing involved in this, it was doubly annoying that after I’d carefully draped the collar I managed to sew it inside out. The collar was the bit I was really worried about because I realised it would have to be gathered to drape nicely with the fringe intact, but I think it just looks nice and toasty now it’s done.

Including the bits of handsewing to place the lining around the sleeves and shoulders, this took a grand total of two hours work if you don’t include the hours of procrastination before making four cuts in the fabric.

I did procrastinate a lot before cutting, because the blanket was more than £100, and I felt a bit guilty about the cost. Then I realised that this may sound expensive for a piece of fabric, but this is brocade, which is always expensive, and what’s more it’s wool brocade, which tends to run more expensive than silk ones. When I’ve bought wool brocades in the past they’ve been between £100-and £200 per metre, so if you put it into that perspective it was about the going rate. I doubt very much you could buy a plain coat in 100% wool for what I paid for materials on this.

It’s lined with a lightwieght mustard coloured wool for extra winter warmth. I just had a nap under it, it’s good and warm, and i think fit for purpose.


November, women’s labours.

•November 8, 2018 • 6 Comments

Mr November is slaughtering his pigs, so Mr’s N is far more sensibly staying in by the warm fire and recycling said pigs into tasty sausages and hams.

November’s kitty is my mum’s cat, Thorin. My mother’s youngest child is definately her most spoilt, and much doted upon. My stepdad, Peter, insisted that Thorin be November’s kitty because that’s when his birthday is. Thorin is spit roasting a tasty rat on a stick – yum!



•November 4, 2018 • 4 Comments

I pulled out a strip of grey Manx tweed I had leftover. It was leftover from cutting out panels in preparation for starting the guthlac roll once I’ve finished the Women’s labours. I thought I had just enough for the filers, but…

I picked it up and it went everywhere. I’ve marked out all of the bits I need and there’s still about 5meters left.

I might have to make a scarf

the king and the animals

•November 2, 2018 • 2 Comments

I showed you Alison’s doggie from class, but this week she sent me a picture of the finished piece, and as you can see she’s had lots of practice couching down slips.

I really like the chicken.

And all that practice gave her the confidence to tackle her king from the opus class a few years ago, on whom she’s done a fantastic job,

October, women’s labours

•October 22, 2018 • 7 Comments

I wibbled for a long while on the October panel. She was originally going to be selling goods at market whilst her husband fattens the pigs, but I couldn’t find a market image I liked, so instead she is tablet weaving, which seems more appropriate than using a larger loom because it’s something I do myself.

October’s cats are bobby and Lola, who live two doors down with our nieghbour Charlotte. Bobby spends most of his time in our garden, of which he assumes ownership, as he does every other garden in the nieghbourhood. He is basically the local yob. A couple of times he’s managed to sneak into our house, only to come face to face with Branston and Hobbes, at which point Bobby went into full howling attack “I know karate, I’ve got a black belt, me” mode. Our two were never impressed, Hobbes just looked confused because he couldn’t understand why this strange cat didn’t want to be his fwend, whilst Branston just sort of looked unimpressed, possibly because he’s passed bigger turds than Bobby.

He and his sister Lola are burmese. Lola is seen here sleeping, as opposed to her usual activity of peeing on stuff. On more than one occiassion Lola has managed to pee directly into Charlotte’s plug sockets and short out her entire house. We tend to know about this stuff because Gareth is the only male in the nieghbourhood with any practical skills, so he gets called out for every emergency.

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