Stitchalong dragon

•August 9, 2017 • 17 Comments

Gareth thought she was looking lovely (I think it’s a girl dragon) but kept muttering I’d ruin it by putting gold on.

He has admitted that he was wrong.

Chris the dragon doesn’t just use laid and couched work like previous stitchalong beasties, she also uses trellis couching, opus style split stitch, cloisterstitch, german brick stitch, and some couched outlines with gilded leather. So although she uses authentic stitches, this many different techniques would not have been used together in period, but I was having fun because this is an original design.


there is an ebay listing if you prefer, but it’s more expensive due to fees

The shop is out of order at the moment, but I’m getting a new laptop next week, so hopefully will be up and running again by the end of the month. In the mean time if you would like any of the other kits (unicorn, leopard, baby leaf tailed dragon, rabbit hunting, wilfrid manykecks, owl physician,)just pm me.

Dragon is roughly cushion sized, so about twelve inches finished size.

Kit includes marked canvas, individual colour key, veg dyed wools, fluffy silk thread for the dragons hat, needle and gilded leather. The kit can be made up with whatever colour dragon you choose, she would look lovely in red or blue or purple.

Price forty two pounds plus post (3 uk. 5 Europe. 6 usa/oz)

I’m also offering marked canvas only for twelve pounds plus post

If you want to work with your own materials there will be a pdf with the first post, which will be on the first of September, and you’ll need an even(ish) weave canvas and some nice colours of thread – crewel wool is recommended.

First posting will be beginning of September, fortnightly after that.


Some things.

•August 6, 2017 • 8 Comments

I have been utterly rubbish the last few weeks. I forgot to take photos at the IMC, at pontefract, and at the Lincolnshire embroidery guild AGM, but luckily, Jayne Hudson sent me a picky of her finished dragon from the Lincoln class

I love the orange eyeshadow with matching orange toenail polish. My aunty margy likes to tell of the time before my mum had met my dad, when the two of them went to a disco. Margy was so horrified by my mums lime green trouser suit with coordinated orange accessories that she made mum get off the bus early so they wouldn’t be seen entering the disco together. But am sure this little chap will be the absolute belle of the dragon disco.

I made some Anglo Saxon outfits for Preston park museum in Stockton this week, here modelled by Sophie ( still have to make her a headdress)

And I haven’t seen much of Gareth because he’s been down the bottom of the garden.

” I’m building a third greenhouse” he says

“just a little one” he says

” it’s only for a few sarracenias because I’m sick of having them in the conservatory” he says

” it really won’t be that big” he says

goes down the far end of the garden…

Finished dragons

•July 25, 2017 • 8 Comments

I actually finished this two weeks ago, but I’ve been so busy rushing about, and I had a backlog of posts to catch up.

I’ m going to post some unwrapping pictures anyway, partly because I didn’t see the whole thing until I unwrapped it,

And partly in the hope that Facebook won’t grab the picture of the finished piece,

Because Facebook will no longer allow me to choose which photo gets displayed, and also because my dislike of Facebook grows more with every passing day.

but here it is

I’m very pleased with it, even if it does make the first one look a bit rubbish.

its been displayed twice, at the imc, and at Lincolnshire embroidery guild, ( neither of which I remembered to take photos at) but I still haven’t had the chance to properly finish the edges to hang it nicely.

I’m not starting number three until September, as I have another project for August.

finished size is about two foot by five, all naturally dyed wool.

I do, however, have some rather spiffy greeting cards of it…

Which are three for £5, plus 50p postage in the UK , or £1 elsewhere. All the other cards are still available, so you can mix and match. However if you want to buy its pm and PayPal at the moment, the shop wasn’t working very well ( postage options were too confusing) so I’ve not renewed the subscription and my aim for summer is to get a new computer so I can wrangle a new shop – any money from cards will go to new computer.

all kits are available, too, but it’s pm for the moment. I’ll do an easy listing for the stitch along kit, which will be ready next week. It’s looking fab, I’m just a bit behind schedule.

Final dragons

•July 23, 2017 • 4 Comments

just under the wire for posting this week – been having phone problems.

what you see here is the dragon version of a superhero movie. You can tell they’re superheroes by the little capes, you see. Although I don’t know which one thinks he’s batman and which thinks he’s superman- I just hope thier mum catches them before they jump off the coals he’d roof thinking they have actual superpowers.

Sabre- tooffed dragon

•July 12, 2017 • 6 Comments

I ffink hith teeff ith giffingg him a sfpeach impedimenth

And he keeps biting his tongue

( at least I think that’s what he said)

Counter change dragon

•July 8, 2017 • 8 Comments

Sorry, I’ve been so busy all week I forgot to post. I even forgot to take a picture of my display at the IMC, and I filled two whole gazebos this year!

I will fix the thumbnails that photo bucket has removed, but probably not until the week after next, still busy busy.


•July 4, 2017 • 8 Comments

His name is Norman, after my granda. ( granda’s name was Richard, but he objected to being called dick, so used his middle name)

I named him after my granda because, before I was born, one of granda’s sows had a piglet with one head and two bodies, just like young Norman here. As a child I heard tales of the piglet, which didn’t live long, but was proudly sent to Durham university, presumably either for dissection, or to be pickled in one of those cool jars, or maybe both.

My mum told me you never see things in jars at fairgrounds any more, or freak shows ( mum recently found out her granda’s first wife, who died childless, was a proper tattooed lady)

Personally, I think you can learn a lot from pigs. For instance I first learnt that grown ups get scared when one of granda’s sows got loose, she charged ferociously at one of the men trying to round her up, and I swear he jumped six foot straight up into a tree like something from a cartoon. I must have been about three, and found this revelation fascinating, because before that I’d assumed that once you grew up you weren’t scared of anything.

however, I think this is a conjoined cat, so perhaps I should stop blathering on about pigs.

in other news, I actually finished the fantasy last Thursday ( I still have posts to catch up on before I do the big reveal, and don’t hold your breath because I’ve a busy week) and gareth says I’m suffering from artistic post partem depression…