If you happen to be free this Saturday…

•May 30, 2017 • 2 Comments

Theres still one space left on the laid and couched work medieval beasties workshop at Nottingham Lakeside arts


Progress on studley bowl

•May 29, 2017 • 6 Comments

The shaped (still needs the rim trimming about 1mm on one side) bowl sat on my desk for almost a year before I worked up the nerve to start decorating it. I’ve been very slow because there’s so little room for error, so I’ve done one letter at a time, marked out the next and left it for a bit – I find my hands get tired and that’s when I start to cock things up.
im sure it will start to look more acceptable once I’ve scrubbed the sharpie marks off it and picked out the lettering with some liver of sulphur.
nervous again now because I have to work the bottom row, and it’s a much steeper slope.
in other news though, I think I might have finally worked out how to progress with the lid…
and yes, despite it having taken me nearly twelve years to be happy with the shape, it is ever so slightly wonky.

sometimes I’m very slow, I need thinking time.

He keeps biting my bum!

•May 26, 2017 • 2 Comments

It doesn’t exactly look like a symbiotic relationship, does it? I bet thier mum absolutely dreads long cart journeys, “mummeee, he’s over my side again!”

it did get me to the next roll along, though, so at least it’s progress.


Slinky wyrm wife.

•May 18, 2017 • 4 Comments

She went on one of those celebrity supermodel diets and got carried away.

I wasn’t sure about that dark purple background when I blocked her, but she looks nice now.

I’ve been meaning to post her all week but time seems to have slipped past me.

in other news young trouble had a trip to the vets this morning, because his testicles were getting a bit unsightly. Everyone at the vet is in love with the little tart..




•May 11, 2017 • Leave a Comment

If anyone from either of the ashmolean classes would like free tickets to the sewing and hobbycraft show at birmingham NEC in june, get in touch with Jude, as she has a code for two free tickets.

I can’t go. I mean, I’m technically free that weekend, but it’s the only weekend that month I’m not doing anything, and I know I’ll be too knackered

double dragon

•May 11, 2017 • 6 Comments

except he looks more lionine that dragon-like

I tried using some of the new blue faced liecester for his left hand head (the slightly darker one), and I do quite like it. being a longer stapled wool, the bfl is a little sturdier than the old stuff and handles split stitch better – it had far less tendency to disintigrate mid-stitch, which was always a problem with the other stuff.


•May 9, 2017 • 6 Comments

Three in bishop auckland. One is this Thursday, laid and couched beasties, one appliqué next month, and an Anglo Saxon rings day in September.


And another laid and couched in June at Nottingham lakeside arts