Coats and stuff

•December 31, 2016 • 6 Comments

Delivering the last presents shortly. I made my mum a coat in the style of My kitty coat. I offered her a choice of tasteful, subtle colours, but she chose this…


The lining is goat fabric, the other choice was cows, but I was worried she might misconstrue?

The sheep I showed you a few weeks ago, but here are the rest


My favourite is the pony.

theres also a walking dead shirt with gold skull buttons to be delivered tonight


All of shirt making has left gaps in my button boxes, I feel I am entitled to a shopping trip lest the lack of available materials should stifle my creative juices


And a little bit more obelix


Now I’m going to go do two things-

1) beat wordpress with a stick because it’s being extra annoying today

2) find some vodka and a cotton bud and clean the lens on my phone camera, I must have got it greasy because everything looks a bit soft focus


have a good new year!



Day 5

•December 29, 2016 • 2 Comments


Not much at all today. I intended to sew on the train on the way to London and on the way back, but on the way there I had a nap instead.

but I did use my lovely new leather digestive biscuit that Gareth gave me for Christmas ( he’s getting better at taking hints about presents, but he still forgot to put a penny in the purse before he wrapped it)

am now wondering if those trousers make obelix’ nipples chafe…


Day 4

•December 28, 2016 • 8 Comments


My ambition for today was to finish the top of his trousers, but as you can see that didn’t happen ( I cut half a dozen shirts out for next years Christmas parents because the fabric pile was getting on my nerves) I’m on the train most of tomorrow, and I can only take two reels of silk with me, so I’ll probably do his arms and come back to the trousers.

does anyone else ever wonder if obelix can see his own willy?


Day 3

•December 27, 2016 • 7 Comments


and today work was hampered by branston, who has become the soppy little cat of insecurity, in need of constant cuddles( I think he’s upset by hobbes’s illness)



Day two.

•December 26, 2016 • 4 Comments


I thought about how to handle obelix’ belly for about six months. Originally I’d thought to shade the stripes in different tones of blue, but concluded that this would make him look like a saggy sailboat rather than the solid chap he really is, so I’m doing him with solid stripes. However I’ve added some subtle shading into the lines, which I’ve done much thicker than I would with normal opus style in order to reflect the cartoon look.

felt a bit thick when I was transcribing the drawing I’d done. I’ve been a huge fan of asterix since I was a child and I’ve only just realised that dogmatix moustache is part of the joke about French men and their taches. Doh!

Project start

•December 25, 2016 • 11 Comments

imageMerry Christmas.

didn’t get much done today( did homemade croissants for brekkie and then made Christmas dinner, plus there were presents to unwrap – Gareth got me a new porniment), but I made a start.

normally I’d begin with the outline, but doctor who had started, and branston had settled next to me, and the pale blue was all I could reach.


Christmassy bits

•December 24, 2016 • 6 Comments

Been making shirts, some of which I forgot to photograph, but,


Three different veggie shirts. The buttons are meant to be carrots and tomatoes, but the tomatoes look more like apples to me.


Three robot shirts were also made, because I needed to do something with those adorable little pewter robots.


Classic horror movies for john, with little white ghostlike buttons.


Grass and coffee for Gareth. Neither of which have interesting buttons, although I did search high and low for coffee bean buttons.


This one is for my stepdad, peter. Gareth says it hurts his eyes, but how cute are the little kitties in Santa hats?


A muted Christmas shirt and some dirty old postcards for my dad.


Im pondering how on earth I wrap this pile of mismatched dining chair cushions for my stepmum, Janet. They’re just in the process of finishing thier new bungalow, which is mostly made from recycled stuff, so she wanted cushions made from leftovers – there’s stuff from one of dad’s shirts in there.


And a pile of totes and shoppers for stocking fillers.


theres also a coat for my mum, but I’ll post that later.