King’s dream applique, finished

I was determined that having begun this piece for NOttingham last year, I was going to finish it for this years event if it killed me. So, I’m leaving for Nottingham in about an hour, and I finished it and hour ago!

 It’s quite big, actually – about four and a half foot by two and a bit. I used a simple wool border and separated the panels with some vintage gold military braid.

And I did promise a picture of the manuscript that inspired it.

The scanner seems to have flipped it though.









 AS you can see, I have made minor changes to the layout. If I’d been drafting it on paper and then cutting a precise pattern for each element, I would have had room for the bishop who looms above the king’s head, but as I was working freehand and not bothering with any sort of pattern, I ran out of space for the poor chap.

IN many ways I don’t think this matters too much, but I did have a little bit of gold brocaded tablet weave I wanted to use on his mantle, and I’m slightly dissapointed that its still sitting in my bits box.

As you can see though, I did use up the green bit on the other bishop, as well as a small bit of silk brocaded. Gold brocaded tablet is such slow stuff that if was very satisfying to find homes for such teeny wee bits.


I did want more pearls though. The string on the three-headed bishop’s mantle were used as they came – I just anchored the string on which the pearls were bought and couched it down. I wanted pearls around the bishops cuffs and along the bottom of the king’s crown, but the beading needles I went out and bought were too thick for real pearls – I’ve ordered more off the net and am hoping I’ll be able to go back to them.

am hoping you can’t see the cat fluff too much. Gareth reckons I made this out of catnip, cos the boys couldn’t stay away from this thing – every time I turned my back one or other f the little swines was mucking about with it

~ by opusanglicanum on October 28, 2011.

13 Responses to “King’s dream applique, finished”

  1. Gorgeous work.

  2. very lovely work

  3. just lovely

  4. I don’t think the absence of the bishop will matter – it’s your own interpretation of the images, after all!

    • I don’t think he really matter either – apart from the fact that i had a small piece of gold brocaded tablet weave I wanted to use for him – its hard to find nice hoems for the tiddly bits

  5. Wow,such wonderful needlework. I love your methods and ways you embroider and applique, just exquisite.

  6. Wow this is incredible! It’s a shame you’ve already left for Nottingham as I live there and I’d love to know if you were going ot an exhibition or something?

  7. This is so beautiful! I’m just starting to play around with applique, and this piece is totally inspiring. Just lovely!

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