The Christmas coat – Finished!

Finished it on Thursday evening, after a long and hard fought battle with Branston over who had proprietary rights over the feathery stuff.

I won, but he’s still grumbling. Although the coat itself should last for years and the wool will wear well, I think I’ll probably have to change the feather trim every three years or so.


And holly Kitty – note how Holly Kitty is not attacking the feather stuff – unlike certain furry persons I could mention *Stares hard at Branston*

I had originally thought that extra stars would be needed where the side and back panels joined, but in the end there wasn’t really room, I did put extra stars over the seams in the sleeves though.

I wore the coat out yesterday in Newcastle, where it was much admired, and we took some pictures down on the quayside.

‘scuse the minnelium bridge growing out of my head like an exotic hat there. I think Gareth managed to get a few pics where my eyes weren’t closed due to the stinging wind.

I’m very pleased with the coat. I especially love the swingy poiret-esque shape of it, and it feels terribly glamorous to wear, partly, I think, due to the feathers.

The bag in the picture was my snow-day project last year, a large christmas pud, again in the style of my picklepatch kits

I quite fancy a coat with penguins on it, but I think next year I’ll make myself a Christmas scarf. I made this one for Gareth about four years ago

 It’s felted wool, with silk hanky to give it more structural integrity. It was hard to balance the right amount of snuggly fluffiness with getting it properly felted, but I must have done ok, as it’s wearing very well. Maybe I’ll do myself a similar one with penguins?

For anyone who might have missed it, the making of post, complete with the truth about chrismice, is here

~ by opusanglicanum on December 4, 2011.

23 Responses to “The Christmas coat – Finished!”

  1. here from your LJ post.

    That is fabulous. I love the colours and the strong design and it’s really beautifully executed. Brilliant

  2. Utterly fab! I want one.

  3. Absolutely glorious. The work is wonderfully done, and the coat looks amazing on you. Congratulations on a brilliant piece of art.

  4. What a gorgeous coat!

  5. Drat! My browser says it can’t display the last four quayside pix and “coat spread) due to errors. Any chance you can redo the files? The first quayside piccy is cute — love the mice and stars, and you look very sweet.

  6. I want your life. And boots. And coat.

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  8. Here via CraftGossip & *oh my goodness gracious* I ADORE THAT COAT. Sorry to yell. Grossly inappropriate. That gem of a coat deserves whoops. Amazing. Now you’re stuck. I’ll be back. Yuh-oh. Ohhh,enJoy! Snooz

  9. Fabulous.

  10. WOW!!!! I am so envious! Great Job, Bankston will be waiting for a week moment on your part.

  11. OMGosh!! This coat is fabulous!!

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  13. […] actaully, since about a week after I finished the Christmas coat, I’ve been wanting to make a fairytale/storytelling coat. I even had it roughly planned out […]

  14. […] IN other news I decided to make myself a new winter coat, mainly because I wore my Christmas coat all December and I love the cosy shape. For those of you who haven’t been here that long, this is my Christmas coat. […]

  15. […] Janet, would you wear a Christmas coat. Not as loud as mine and Mums, but a bit more […]

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