Stitchalong wrap- up

I’ve been meaning to say thank you to sue for organising the flickr group for everyone doing the stitchalong

Ooops! I need THAT colour for her face

And for anyone playing catchup

Part one

That’s the dragon, there’s also a dragon part two

Part two, that’s the leopard

And part two of part two

And part three, braids

And tassels

And the final part wherein all is assembled

~ by opusanglicanum on December 11, 2014.

11 Responses to “Stitchalong wrap- up”

  1. Everyone is having a lot of fun with their dragons and leopards over on Flickr – it’s good to see how different they are all turning out.

  2. Thank you for the stitchalong, Tanya. Even though I started late and got slower I had lots of fun. I’ll do the leopard and all the rest next year.

  3. Thanks are also due to Rachel, aka virtuosewadventures, who is helping with the moderation of the Flickr group. Particularly helpful to me as I have very little spare time right now, due to family matters, and my internet access is likely to be patchy for the next few weeks.
    If anyone wants to add photos of other pieces made from Tanya’s kits and patterns, such as the ones in New Stitches, they are very, very welcome to join the Flickr group. And your other projects inspired by the stitchalong or by Tanya’s other work. Pieces from her workshops are very welcome too. Come and show them off so we can ooh! and ahh! over them! I don’t want the Flickr group to end when all the dragons and leopards are finished. It’s a grand little gallery so far.

    • I had an idea this afternoon for a stitchalong next year that I was quite excited by- so hopefully it will see some action next year too!

      Thanks to both of you for all the work

  4. Many thanks for organising the stitch along! Unfortunately, for myself life interfered, but I hope I can get started on the dragon and the leopard next year. Better late than never and all that…

  5. Thank you for finding and following me here! I’m exited to discover your work, incredible beautiful and amazing!

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