cheap and shiny!

  From the sublime to the ridiculous? This morning, a few minutes before setting off for a days storytelling work, I finished my new halloween storytelling costume, which as you can see is made from the cheapest, shiniest polyester money can buy.

And obviously I wore a white cotton tee-shirt under my new see-through lace blouse that goes with it. My corset was already in the van, so I wrapped a black skirt round the middle where the corset ought to go as I’m too lazy to out to the van and get it.

There were many little people at Harlow Carr today, so I told my silliest scary story, yet I still made a little girl cry. I am constantly confused by the small people – I hadn’t even got to the (mildly) scary bit of the story yet – I just said hello to her!

`PLus – bonus random kitty spam!

~ by opusanglicanum on October 31, 2012.

8 Responses to “cheap and shiny!”

  1. Lol! Last year Little J was quite happy to go trick or treating but this year, despite being a year older, there was no way he was going! He wouldn’t even go to the door to give out sweets!! I’m confused by them too!

  2. I love your Halloween story-telling costume.

  3. There’s no saying what some kids find scary. I was visited in hospital at the age of two, by a clown in full rig – I have found them sickeningly scary ever since – but at least it wasn’t a visit from Jimmy Saville!

  4. I think once we grow up we don’t often remember enough of childhood to understand it, but I do have a vague memory of random terrors.

    • i remember that I used to get terrible growing pains, but I thought “growing pains” was just something my mum had invented to try and shut me up and stop me whinging

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