Finished hood and some creative darning

I wanted to use the double sidedness of the cloth for the hood by leaving the turned back piece around the face unlined to highlight the contrast. There was just one problem, well, two

Two tiny little tears in the fabric, right round the face, which I’d not noticed when cutting out. To be fair this fabric is waste, I bought the piece for the large brocaded dragon woven into the centre, which I made into a cushion.

Straight darning would have held it together, but wasn’t exactly attractive

So I took some of the yellow madder wool, and put a tiny circle of laid and couched work directly over the darn. This is about the size of my thumbnail.

Now, I’m more than ordinarily proficient at this technique, and risked working this small area in hand. However, I strongly recommend that if you try this you tension your fabric using a small hoop( and that is pretty much the only time you’ll hear me advocating the use of a hoop).

I did consider working another patch over the back, but in the end decided this would make the fabric too thick.


I then worked over the laid and couched patches with split and stem stitches using simple motifs from Saxon metalwork that are shown in Wilson. The book shows a small group of these motifs, and I like them because they always remind me of Japanese mon.


~ by opusanglicanum on April 15, 2014.

6 Responses to “Finished hood and some creative darning”

  1. What a lovely way to repair a tear!

  2. A splendid solution – what a grand hood it is now!

  3. Very clever! 🙂

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