Best in show and a couple of birthday shirts

Last year Gareth wore his veggie shirt for the great Yorkshire show, and several people tried to buy it from his back. We joked that I ought to make a special Yorkshire show shirt, so…

It was Gareth’s choice to have sheep buttons at the cuff and little piggies down the front

He’s getting it for a valentines present tomorrow.

It’s a bit bright, but I’m thinking maybe my dad needs something similar because not only does he adore tractors and piggies, but he goes to a lot more agricultural shows than Gareth does, so he’d get to wear it a lot. Of course my dad would be perfectly safe wearing a shirt like this, because since he’s already blind he’d be in no danger of searing out his own retinas with an accidental glance in the mirror…

It was Gareth’s birthday Wednesday, so he’s already had two new shirts this week. One with maps, stamps and tickets in a heavy warm cotton


Which he looked really nice in. And I couldn’t resist making an impossible blue rose shirt, if only so he can wear it for the Harrogate flower show…


I ran short of the black rose buttons, though, but we are both happy with the random pewter watering can at the collar


I really enjoyed Gareth’s birthday day out, we had birthday cake for breakfast, then got the train to york for a pub lunch. Gareth then insisted we walk out to the new john lewis, which was slightly disappointing because it didn’t really have a proper sewing section. It did have a hotel chocolate cafe, where the man looked at me a bit odd cos I asked for rum in my hot chocolate ( the leeds branch offers it and it’s yum) then we walked back and went to see Shaun the sheep ( movie of the century) before more pub grub and the train home.

I was very good and only spent thirty two pounds in duttons ( got some fab ones that look like truck tyres for my dad) but then the birthday boy somehow managed to blow £25 of my money on shirt fabric for my dad.

I might have had a bit much cider in the pub though, cos I dropped poor branstons dinner on him when I got home. He’s only just stopped looking at me like, ” omg, run away! It’s that bloody woman who throws food at me!”

~ by opusanglicanum on February 13, 2015.

27 Responses to “Best in show and a couple of birthday shirts”

  1. Belated happy birthday to Gareth, I am glad you both enjoyed it! Love the new shirts. Branston should think himself lucky, I regularly stand on my two cats!

  2. Sounds like a fabulous birthday trip! Was the pub grub in York any good?

  3. These are gorgeous. I love the distinctiveness of each fabric combination. Brilliant!

  4. Gorgeous. I’m not surprised people want to buy them!

  5. Great shirts – Gareth will be immediately recognised by your readership if they ever encounter him anywhere in any of these beauties.

  6. Gareth seems to have very flamboyant tastes – that must make him so much fun to sew for!

  7. Where did you get the dark and light roses fabric on the front of the roses shirt from. It is pretty much identical to an album cover by one of my boyfriend’s favourite bands (attack of the grey lantern by Mansun) and I really badly need to acquire this!

  8. To clarify I meant the fabrics that comes in two different colour ways with roses all close together, not the one with light rosebuds on a dark background.

  9. Ooh, thanks! That 2nd one is exactly the right colour! 🙂 next time I have money that will be bought! 😀

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