Kirkleatham exhibition

John and I have loaned a lot of stuff to our local museum, Kirkleatham old hall, for thier exhibition on local castles. Kirkleatham had some models and reconstructions of castles, but real no artefacts, so we’ve dressed one room as solar to illustrate the more domestic side of castle life.


That’s not my harp, it belongs to Liz, the education officer. The female dummy wasn’t ideal, she’s new and has moulded hair which was impossible to conceal so her headdress looks a bit wierd ( the old dummy was bald, but she died). I did want to use my red and blue brocade petrus christus dress, but the dummy is too tall for it – I also ended up having to use a silk sash instead of a proper belt because she’s so skinny.

Honestly, after dressing these three I have a whole new respect for shop window dressers, they’re a nightmare to get clothes onto!


John was delighted to have his c15th armour featured, mainly becuase the museum volunteers gave it a good polish for him and pulled all the cat hair off his brigandine.

I’ve loaned them the big cloister stitch cushions for the chests, but haven’t been able to let them use the big hangings because I need them for so many classes.


And we kept it simple with the table setting because the display wasn’t really secure enough to display any silver.


And there are various bits and pieces of johns weapon collection dotted about amongst the models. I had to take ken, the general dogsbody who’s been at Kirkleatham for as long as I can remember, on a shopping trip to johns armoury because ken wanted more shiny metal stuff on display (boys!)

The scary part was when we added up all of the insurance estimates – eek!

Hopefully I’ll be doing some extra stuff at Kirkleatham over the year as part of this exhibition.

~ by opusanglicanum on June 1, 2015.

3 Responses to “Kirkleatham exhibition”

  1. It looks wonderful – a fascinating display. So much better than what we would have seen as children…

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