Another stitchalong poll

I am going to spend the weekend finishing paris


And then I’ll get on prepping the stitchalong ( I’ve been putting it off because the fabric for the kits was out of stock, but it should be arriving any day now, fingers crossed)

the vote was overwhelmingly in favour of another bag, but I was thinking I’d offer  a larger version of the kit for those who wanted to make cushions. But as for subject, the vote was Lutrell psalter, but should it be…

in other news, I have been trying to get to grips with one of the hazards of the summer hols. You see, every week I treat myself to a little toddle out to leeds market for lUnch at cafe moor. Unfortunately cafe moor is dangerously close to several very cheap fabric stalls, which has resulted in a large pile of fabric.

so I made a little list of what shirts I intended to make from said fabric, and for whom. This list shall henceforth be known as THE SHIRT LIST OF DOOM.



Actually, i thought of another I have to add to that…

anyway, I’ve been trying to get to grips with it. I made Gareth a beach hut shirt with rock trim


Its quite a stiff canvas but he really liked the print, so I’m hoping it softens a bit with wear.

i also wanted to make him another black and white shirt, but I had lots of small pieces that weren’t really big enough. Then I decided to frankenstien all little bits into one big bit


I was cutting this out whilst Gareth was out this morning, and I began to think that maybe this was a step too far, even for Gareth. Then he came home and saw what I was doing, and loved it. Apparently this is the shirt of his dreams, the shirt he’s always wanted, he’s been waiting his whole life for this very shirt.

yes, he’s wierd. Maybe he took it heart when I said I could  never dump him now because I’d never be able to find another man with such truly appalling taste in shirts, who knows?

in his defense I do seem to be exclusively attracted to wierdoes.


He hasn’t seen it yet because he’s gone out drinking with Wayne. He invited me along but I would have bored silly whilst they talked about nepenthes. Besides which I went out for cocktails with Marta last night.

i was thinking that this would be easier to cut out than his usual mutt shirts, which take a lot of thinking to get the patterns evenly distributed. However this turned to have it’s own problems, and required careful positioning of the pattern to ensure that each piece had at least one join in it. I’m specially pleased with the diamond arm that I cut on the bias.

the beach huts are getting put away for Christmas, but he was so excited I said he could have this one for our day out in Scarborough tomorrow. He says it looks perfect for sitting in a pub watching the rain.




~ by opusanglicanum on August 21, 2015.

11 Responses to “Another stitchalong poll”

  1. That’s a lot of shirts!
    I must say, I also like the black and white shirt. And there will certainly never be another one like it!

  2. You could add a rhinestone collar to the poodle – or threaten to!

  3. I don’t know what to vote in the poll, as I don’t want knight and lady but something else. I like fluffy things and I also like weird stuff (if it’s from a medieval manuscript weird is normally funny and cool) but the poll forces me to decide between them which I can’t.

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