Stitch along part 3

We will be using all split stitch again for this bit


First outline the features in your dark colour. Don’t worry if it looks a bit heavy at this stage.


Next add the whites of the eyes.


Using your flesh colour, outline the round of the cheek. Place this carefully as it will define her look, try to make it skim the lower eye, outer lip, and edge of the face.


Fill the cheek with a tight spiral of stitches, don’t leave any gaps. Always work in one direction only.


Bring your needle out on the edge of the cheek, work around the edge of the face, then come down the forehead and across the brow, connecting with the edge again as you come back.


Fill the forehead in the same manner as the cheek, spiralling tightly and leaving no gaps.


Come out of the edge of the cheek again, and this time work up the side of the face, tight under the brow, down the nose and up tight against the front of the eye.


Continue to work the nose as a tight spiral until filled. Then come up at the cheek and work across under the brow in the same direction with every row until that area is filled. You can then fill the tiny gap at the top of the nose.


Come out of the cheek just under the eye and work another tight spiral to fill the upper lip.


Finally work the chin. Come out under the cheek and work along the edge of the face in the opposite direction to the cheek spiral ( this will lift her cheek). Do not spiral round here but instead go round to the beginning each time to work each row in the same direction.

~ by opusanglicanum on November 20, 2015.

2 Responses to “Stitch along part 3”

  1. It’s astonishing how the difference of a hairsbreadth can completely alter the expression, isn’t it!

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