Zodiac lettering

I wanted to do the lettering at home for this last panel, in order to avoid the “scribal errors” made on the last one. Unfortunately that’s meant it took ages becuase I hate doing lettering. At least I got it properly straight this time, instead of wonky straight.


I still have no idea what it says. I meant to take a copy of the manuscript to the imc last summer and see if I couldn’t con someone into translating it for me, but I forgot.

I just finished the plain red tablet weave for the edge of the central disc. It would have been nice to weave the names of the signs into the band, but lining them up would have been impossible, so instead I’ve done the plain band and will embroider the names on ( more letters, eurgh) once I have it in place.

The plain red band was one I’d had set up from doing the brocading on johns  Warrior coat and I had thought I’d weave the whole band plain so I could use it for the edge as well, but then I hit a point where about twelve threads were broken all in the same place. I think it was moth. One or two broken threads is repairable, but twelve in a clump really isn’t – not with any elegance, anyway- so I have enough for the central disc and now I’m a bit stumped as to how to edge the final piece.

~ by opusanglicanum on February 17, 2016.

22 Responses to “Zodiac lettering”

  1. Hi,
    Great post. From looking at the writing I think it says:

    “These are the signs of the bodies of things and men. Signs [that] namely appear only if the heavens send [them].”

    The square brackets contain words that are not in the Latin and are not really needed for meaning but help to clarify the meaning. This could be quite wrong as I am not that familiar with medieval typographic conventions.

  2. Loving the embroidery, but more importantly – TEENY TINY TURTLES!

  3. For the edges, might it be worthwhile tabletweaving the edges directly? Tabletweaving makes a lovely seam treatment.

    • I need a circular border round this disc that’s wide enough to cover both the disc edge and background, so it’s not really feasible, sinc the technique I think you’re describing tends to be done only four or so cards wide. I need a bit more than that, both to stop the tweed fraying ( it’s an unfullered cloth) and to be able to embroider the lettering on top.

      It does make a lovely finish when you want a narrow edge though

      • I was thinking about the comment on bordering the final edge.

        I’ve seen tabletweaving edges done with up to 16 cards which gets more width. It’s really a matter, I think, of choosing where and how the needle enters the fabric you’re seaming.

        And now I’m pondering the idea of sewing/weaving cardweaving to fabric, just to see what it looks like in weavy lines and all.

      • Ah, I see what you mean now. I’m going to bind the edge with some thin Undyed white wool, but was thinking of couching a line of red over the join between the grey and white – I think I need to decide as I go along though

  4. Wretched moths! I shall be interested to see what you decide in the end!

    • I think it must have happened just after I put the band away, becuase I had an infestation then, but I’ve been keeping it well under control since then ( turns out moth treatments are worthless, but spraying your house for cat flea se once a year, even if you don’t have fleas, knocks them dead)

      • So all those years of people putting mothballs in the pockets of their suits were completely pointless and merely asphyxiated them…

      • I think mothballs ( have you noticed they’re almost impossible to buy now) work open an item by item basis, but you can’t protect a whole house with them. Most work as a deterrent rather than a kill, the cat flea thing is just astonishingly fast and efficient

  5. cat fela spray works against moths????? which brand? (i am eaten poor by moths, i just had to spend €12.000 for restoring and repairing my antique oriantal rugs)

    • You want one with permethrin in, which is designed to interrupt the breeding cycle of the flea, but does the same thing to moth. The trouble with moth is unless you find thier mian matrix, which can be extraordinarily difficult, you will never be rid of the problem- the permethrin gets them no matter where they are, and it stays in carpets for weeks.

      You have to be careful with it though, no people or animals in the house for a few hours after spraying. I spray on the way out when I know branny and I will be away for the weekend.

      Both and and a friend were having the dual problem with fleas and moth about five years ago, we both got rid of fleas and moths after spraying. I spray once a year as a precaution now, and haven’t had a problem since

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