Dyeing for the ashmolean

Had a panic dye session last week because I’d completely run out of blue wool, apart from the half skein in my personal work basket.

I did a kilo and a half of wool, dyers green weed, fustic, and onion, over dyed with indigo. I’m quite please because I’ve got some darker greens than I had already, which is useful.

I’ m quite excited to see how this works up. I had been using yarn from texere mill, but they went out of business last year, so I’ve been hunting around for a new source, and I’ve ended up with blue faced liescester from yarn Undyed. It’s more lustrous than the old stuff, and it rather brilliantly comes in 100g skeins, so I don’t have to spend days winding wool off cones and weighing it.

with my usual stunning organisational skill I managed to dye this at the last minute, so it only dried out enough to separate them out for students this morning.

~ by opusanglicanum on April 2, 2017.

8 Responses to “Dyeing for the ashmolean”

  1. They are lovely colours, and as you say, a wide range of tones is always very helpful!

    • I’ve put the rest of the vat aside, and I’m going to try reviving it once I’ve mordanted some more wool tonight, I’m hoping a revived bath will yield some pale blues to complete the selection

  2. What lovely colours! And perhaps it’s the time of year, but there seems to be a lot of dyeing going on, to judge from the pounds of yarn drying over at Rebecca Mezoff’s place. I resolved years ago to only stain my fingers with ink, so my hat is definitely off to those who deal with dye pots.

    • It definitely that time of year, I nearly always do a big dye a thon over the easter hols to get ready for all my summer events and classes.never dye any eggs though

  3. She is bloody lucky if she is getting one of your cakes.

  4. Wow! What a fabulous job and a labor of love! It looks beautiful. You are so talented!

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