Studley bowl

So, I’ve finished decorating the bowl. I also levelled the top off a bit, but not quite completely.

There is one tiny fault in the foot, a gap in the thick base wire I could fill if I had the nerve, but the trouble is this was my third attempt at attaching the foot. I melted the first two due to the inconsistent heat between foot and bowl. Having weighted the matter up, I’ve decided I can live with the gap far more than I can live with the fear of melting it again.

so, it’s pretty much ready to be assayed, then polished when it gets back. I’m going to use liver of sulphur to bring out the black lettering.

I’m concentrating on the lid now. I’ve bent out the flat edge, but it still looks like wonder woman’s nipple guard.

Its definitely big enough, and it’s sort of getting there. I’m going to planish it next to see if I can refine the shape and smooth it out a bit. Also see if I can get the nipple a bit more perky before I rivet a knob to it.

but if you look at the original…

I’m a bit confused where to go next with the very edge of the lid. My first thought was to bend the excess round and shape it as one piece. But the more I look, the more it seems that bit sticks up, which I think I’d have to do by soldering an extra rim on. I sort of don’t want to do that for many reasons, not least because it’s a bugger of a job, but also I think the bending thing would challenge me more and teach me.

All in all though, I think I’m just happy to be making progress after this things had about twelve years of thinking time. I could use the space on my workbench.

~ by opusanglicanum on June 1, 2017.

2 Responses to “Studley bowl”

  1. I can imagine, after twelve years, you must be twitching to get it finished! I know I would be…

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