is for zodiac man.

Daniel explained that whenever they have any kind of exhibit at the Bodleian, even if it happens to be on volcanoes, they always manage to include a zodiac man. I think it’s like thier office version of “where’s Wally”. I liked it because I has so much fun with my own zodiac hanging, which was in turn based on a byzantine ms.

I did him on parchment because he was a bit small and fiddly. I could have sewn this small with silk on ramie, but the wool is a bit to big a weave for small stiches.

Daniel also showed us a ms where the zodiac man had a tiny silk curtain to protect his modesty (no idea why this is necessary when he has a scorpion over his willy) so mine has a curtain too.

~ by opusanglicanum on October 11, 2017.

10 Responses to “Z”

  1. Ah the end? Zodiac man has a kind of hippy vibe doesn’t he – reminds us that nothing is new, byzantine images having a long reach. Beautiful.

  2. I really wish the alphabet were longer. I think Zodiac man whole heartedly deserves a place in your sampler and hopefully, he will secure you a place in the exhibition. I have so enjoyed this series and I’m hoping to see it in the flesh (especially Zodiac man 😉 ) at the Bodleian.

  3. I love the idea of a Zodiac Man popping in unexpected exhibitions. It must add an extra twist to the planning!
    And yours is quite a fellow!

  4. I’m sorry to come to the end of the alphabet. I’ve loved seeing the alphabet in Opus Anglicanum style!

  5. Brilliant! I did wonder what you would do for Z.

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