Some things I made as Christmas presents

I forgot to photograph a lot of stuff I made because I made so many shirts in February and didn’t want to post them back then in case I blew the surprises

Glow in the dark skeleton shirt for . I wanted it to be more anatomical/medical than Halloweeny, so it has some modern looking black and white square buttons instead of skulls

Relatively plain Doctor who shirt. This one is an example of how there’s no pleasing some folks. O

There were two fruity beauty shirts, this short sleeved on for Martin, and a long sleeved on for my Stepdad, Peter, each with assorted fruit buttons. They’re a relatively understated colour scheme, I think.

Nuts, nails, and screws, one each for Gareth and Martin. They look really smart on  and I wish I’d bought more of this fabric for John and Peter, but it sold out really fast.

I also made a candle holder for Dad and Janet

The flat one is before I bent and soldered it to the base. Photos are prepolish, and taken on the bench, so they’re not great, sorry. It’s collies and Labs for Trevor and Barnie, plus a puppy to represent thier next dog (and also because there wasn’t enough space for another big dog.)

This one went perfectly, with no snags or hiccups to the making. I credit this obedience to the fact it’s dogs. I also treid to make one for Mum and Peter, with the fellowship of the ring, but that one kept throwing up problem after problem, and made me swear a lot, and then I melted a hobbit.

So maybe you get to see that one next year…(I found four of the obscenely expensive glass candle holders for about a tenner each instead of the rrp of 20, so there are plans)

~ by opusanglicanum on January 8, 2018.

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  1. A certain someone is clearly not one for consistency of attitude!

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