I meant to post these ages ago, but I’ve been too busy to process so many photos.

Students work from a laid and couched work day at ewe and ply in Oswestry. rememebring whose is whose is beyond my fuddled brain right now, so speak up if you want to claim credit

I like the contrast couched stripe down his middle

we were going with a polocy of “you’re not going to finish in a day, so start at the back end because if you make any learning mistakes it’s less noticeable” hence many tails

This one’s sue’s, she updated him on the facebook group the other day

Two little bagpipe dogs. the one on the stripey base is stephens, and was also updated on the facebook group recently.

I shall have to post about the other class in a day or two, got to go


There are still spaces on the Ashmolean three day class. (I will organise one on one video tuition is we end up having to cancel physical classes)


~ by opusanglicanum on March 12, 2020.

3 Responses to “Classes”

  1. I deeply admire your work, and very much wish I could take one of your classes. Living in California USA however, makes that extremely unlikely.
    Have you ever considered offering an online class? If you ever do, I would appreciate being put on a notification list.
    Thank you for showing photos of your inventive, lively, beautiful work.

    • I’ve jsut lsited some online classes to get us all through the long boring lockdown, there are two options, and you can either get a kit or sign up for the digital version and do some stashbusting

  2. Goodness, everyone made a cracking start, didn’t they!

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